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Lesson 2 – Video Presentation

Notes :

“ If one fights in the arena forgetful of the past, success will elude him who ignores what he should know. “

“ You should not say that evil should not exist “

African Proverbs

The meaning of these African Proverbs for me, as it relates to our society today is that;

Humanity will not be able to fully benefit from our royal, rich, glorious, and problematic

past, unless we are able to honor our collective history in truth. I suppose the

truth is indeed the hardest pill to swallow. Humanity has proven that.

The dark years began when Europe brutally enforced its orthodox religion on

everyone. The past has taught us that the breakdown of civilization occurs when

morality and ethics deteriorate.

Most important theme :

The fall of Egypt and African societies was due to the adoption of patriarchy and

polygamy from foreigners.