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List Important Themes from the video

Lesson 5 Review

Aset in her worldly learning develops Kahk Ab (dispassion – repudiation – sick at heart about time-space.) She learns that all things fail and crumble to dust. A stark example, in her medical knowledge she learns you can heal someone and return them to health, this can improve and support a good life, but there is limits to this. You can only create health for a period of time and there is death for anything that comes into form and this is unavoidable.

She sees that learning itself is ephemeral and can be lost. “An Me s y sauu” – No one is Born Wise. People are born ignorant and can live in ignorance, when knowledge inevitably collapses or is lost again, people are subject to slavery and depravity of what exists in that condition. Wisdom is not transferred genetically. So there is not only limits of physicality, but also limits of intellectual-spiritual development of time-space civilizations. Although a society may reach a height, it collapses again, and rises again, but a civilization cannot be relied on to always be spiritual evolved and with Maat.

The problem of Ariu

People come into the world ignorance and also ignorant to the desires of their heart. I see with my preschool students, same as with ourselves as adults, it is not easy to see the long-term pros and cons of actions and to fully understand the WHY of beneficial or unbeneficial actions. This causes behavioral distortion with desires of the heart and fuels people to go on various paths of ethical or unethical action and mind.
In the Prt M Hru we are told that Ariu in the heart is the cause of reincarnation.
Essentially, “Love Life and Hate Death.” This combination of desire and hatred, which is often in the subconscious and unconscious, is the root of the duality. Being at odds with others individuality, trying to establish your desires (your family line, your ethnic group, etc), trying to secure life and run from death.

This dynamic makes it hard for us to face directly and consciously the problems inherent in time-space life.

Informal Reflections Needed for Authentic Spiritual Life

This is what I have been doing in relation to the Temple of Aset and I think it has been really important.

Sebai says “Reflect on life and see if they things they are doing are really worth doing.” We cannot imagine life without (kids, spouse, work, travel, etc.) When stress appears, only then you see how unhappy a person is with the dynamics they pursued in life.

Sebai mentions the ourageous and spiritual maturity of this informal reflection process. I emphasize the nature of courage because it is this kind of self-kindness and self-affirmation that is needed to come out of the feeling of being absorbed in thinking about lifes limitations and problems. I never considered the nature of my courage. When my friends or co-workers ask me about my dating life, you can feel awkward. But knowing I am on a powerful path that includes a growing feeling of real abiding happiness and bliss.

I see that when a person believes happiness comes from relationships, reproduction, sex and sensory pleasure pursuits that this traps the mind to those forms of happiness. To let go of those beliefs frees my mind to experience happiness, bliss, joy, and wellbeing that doesn’t have time-space conditions or causes. It is a causeless increasing happiness and peace simply in more Being.

A Major theme: The reflections and processes needed in the informal aspect of the meditation system of TTOA. Khak Ab Dispassion – “Reflect on life and see if they things they are doing are really worth doing.” Especially regarding the bodily desires regarding sex and food and other specific behaviors.

As a queen, Aset had everything physical at her finger tips. Similar to the opportunities available to a billionaire. And yet, they can’t find true happiness through those physical things, nor can we individuals. But people pursue family power and financial power with the belief it will = happiness. An intellectual may pursue intellectual knowledge with the belief that they will discover happiness by finding everything out in their field. It’s just not possible.

What I will say about desires/celibacy,etc.

Once my concept of the teachings became much clearer. Also did therapy modalities that gave me many tools to process emotions and feelings that arise. There has become a strong feeling of WANTING my “stuff” to come up. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s like strong feelings, existential feelings, thoughts, etc that come up when I refrain from desires of the heart. Even just wanting a few minutes of entertainment media while having a snack, it’s like this “stuff” lies dormant, and then I have to wait a few hours or a few days for all of that to come up again.

I have started to WANT that stuff to be fully active so I can bring the full force of the teachings and the practices into myself. That’s where I really cut through junk in my ariu and experience more and more happiness, peace and balance. When I follow a desire of the heart, I temporarily disassociate from that energy, and I have a moment of pleasure or relaxation from it, but then it comes up with the same intensity and then a new desire is needed to relax again. When I let it come up and practice Yoga, I actually cut through it and it doesn’t rise up with the same force. That’s one part of it. But this makes the process of enlightenment with complete celibacy a much clearer and more direct path toward abiding wisdom, happiness, peace, harmony etc.

A key point: I find it hard to clarify and stabilize the ultimate perspective of Neter Neterty if I on occasion pursue objects as if they are sources of true happiness. That gets in the way of stabilizing the truth in my stream of consciousness. That to me is the purpose of celibacy, along with the energetic shifts the happen.

Three Key Qualities to Develop for Success
Khak ab – dispassion
Antet Begag – relentlessness
An Chen – Without stopping/Without taking a break.
3 Choices
The Path of Human Beings (The path she learned about. The lower mysteries. A career, family, etc.)
The Path of Gods/Goddesses (A person who has elevated themselves above the physical realm, existing on the astral plane.)
The Path of Akhu Shepsu (Discovered Akh, Spirit) Part of your body closest to Nebertjer, enlightened state. Aset decided this is her aspiration.
How to achieve the Akh state: She decided she had to learn the name of Ra to achieve the Akh state. Which is the essence of it. This is different than the time-space name. This means going to the substratum of the being.
The kneading process of the Taffy Shepsy
kneading Body: Transforming your body into health. Reshaping yourself. Proper nutrition, yoga, etc. Balance in life, normalized, not daunted by the world.
kneading Mind: Shaping mind, to not bumping heads. Intellect able to deal with the objects-illusions.
kneading Soul: Not caught up delusions (soul mate, happy ever after, children and children going on, etc.) Soul yearns for enlightenment, union with the transcendental divine Self.
Spittle of Ra and the Taffy Shepsy
The spittle – light rays – represent Ra’s vital energy. The correct intent is to connect with the light rays with adoration. Collect, energy goes into subtle body. Used to create Taffy Shepsy. Special yoga and meditation practices to form the subtle body energy into the harpoon, snake.
She herself, me myself, is the Taffy Shepsy.
The Taffy Shepsy is abstract. It is not something you will see wiggling around. It is something intangible, conceptual. Something you are doing.
The Idea: You’re bringing your personality to one-pointedness. Like rays of sun through a magnifying glass. My favorite point: When far from the sun, the energy is diffused. But those rays can be refocused and the strength comes out again (like burning a piece of paper with a magnifying glass) – they maintain their original strength even when diffused.
Aset left the serpent on the ground – key point: stationary, inactive. Ra brought creation into existence from a space of inactivity into a state of activity. Nun = movement by the work of Kherpri. An nemu nemu – inactive/not moving. Being inactive as the spiritual practice. Regain inertness, to discern the inert natue of Ra (transcendental), movement (creation.)
Form yourself into one-pointedness and come into a state of non-moving. From this state of inactivity you engage in the meditation process to pierce the illusion of Ra and creation in order to experience the Neter Neterty (beyond time-space.)

Lesson 6

The concept of Boats

Waters a metaphor for the substratum of creation. Undifferentiated consciousness (Nun) the boat sails on with the sun disk (Ra.) This represents energy infused in the fabric of creation to cause space-time to exist and come into existence.

Verse 22: Aset formed herself into the Taffy Shepsy, immobile and unmoving, and FOCUSED ON RA and NOTHING ELSE. Ra was not going to help her know his true name, she had to take it into her own hands. Immobile mentally as well as physically. The part of yourself that is not moving.
Verse 24: Aba Ab – Desire of the heart. Ra has Aba Ab, desires of his heart, acting out the process of creation. He didn’t pay attention. Going through his two lands (upper and lower Egypt. Physical realm and astral region. Moving back and forth between Ta and Pet.) I am very interested in this idea of Ra having Aba Ab (desires of his heart, like we as aspirants experience as well in contradiction to truth.) I am also interested in this idea of Ra sailing between the Ta and Pet, which makes the Duat and Asar a special region for liberation of the soul. I never understood why Asar and the Anryutef region was given prominence over the Pet region, because I figured as the space of Ra the Pet region would be the most important place to go. This section brings out that discussion a little clearer for me. Liberation of the soul rather than the cycle of Pet-Ta creation realms.
Verse 27: Ra is bit. Verse 28: His “fire of life” starts pouring out.
Verse 29: “into he himself” – like internal bleeding, blood pouring into his body. This life-force spilling out into creation. When that starts to occur it refers to Ra starting to be overpowered. Dezef (himself) and the Der (overpowered.)

Key point: Ra losing his power to maintain creation, organize creation, organize the active movement. Spittle, the life-force, leaking into creation and making it impossible to maintain creation. Ra, overpowered, creation overpowered.

There is an Afrocentric scholar who has said this glyph is of psilocybin mushroom. That the scarab symbol is used because it rolls the dung that contains the mushroom spores, studies have shown the scarab beetles eat and interact a lot with psilocybin mushroom. That the Acacia tree symbol is used because it can be made into a drink that is active with DMT (like the drink ayahuasca in South America), as all acacia trees have a high concentration of DMT. I wondered your thoughts on this type of discussion, especially as it relates to symbolism. I find that as it grows in the region and would have been used or present, it makes sense it would be used as a symbol representing mind, mind-experiences, or symbolic for phenomenal states. Either as something that would have been used, or to relate to mind symbolically in the hieroglyphs. Like how sexual imagery is used but symbolically refers to something non-physical rather than ordinary sex. I wondered your thoughts on this perspective on the symbology.

Importance of Ra in his weakened state

Ra not in a situation where he can shine and burn – power of creation. Tem stage, last ½ hour of day. Scripture talking about – basking in sun, collecting solar life-force with thought process and intent to do so. You approach Ra, instead of him burning and overpowering you – able to pierce through the illusions of time-space, ordinary life routines, creation, etc and perceive something beyond.

Personal Notes

Hetheru Mut Neter – Adoration to Aset
I find this portion of the adorations of Aset beautiful. Showing her power of giving birth to Divine Self within ourselves.

Wanted to Show 2 minutes of this Clip



A key finding of this scientist: He found all intelligence is collective intelligence and can form into one mind (frog, ant, human, etc) or break into individual minds (cells, etc.) When a skin cell is part of an animal, it mentally conforms to the unified intelligence of the animal (the mind of the “frog”), when separated from the frog, the cell has its own individual mind capable of behaviors and pursuits unrelated to the frog. So, mind can form a large composite being or break into many individual beings.
This made me think of Aset’s Journey. From individual human ego-mind to Ra’s one-mind as creation, both minds being within time-space. Then, she broke through to something more than either.

Overcoming Information Pursuits
I talked in previous posts about an intense desire to learn as much as possible. About stars, black holes, the universe.
One thing I have come to see is I believed all of this information would turn into or equal the big picture of “truth”. I have realized that worldly knowledge and lower spiritual knowledge just goes on and on, it doesn’t lead to enlightenment.
If the bits of information are like putting a puzzle together. The puzzle put together doesn’t = truth about exisence (“truth” or enlightenment.) Instead, it just goes on and on, and all comes to no conclusion anyway because it is all impermanent objects. Like Aset learning medical science and having to accept the body still dies even if life is improved for a time. The medical information won’t lead to enlightenment, and no other information about objects will either.

Corpus hermeticum quote.
This teaching of Aset and Ra reminds me of a small but important line in the Corpus Hermeticum.
“The good (God) …it is also without beginning, but to us it seems to have a beginning – our knowledge of it.”
I am thinking of Neter Neterty as:A being that has no need to think about itself because it is not an object, it is not born, it is not subject to time-space, it is not in comparison, conflict with, or threatened by anything. It has nothing to desire, fear, it has no need to learn about itself. Therefore, it has no need to think about itself as an ego concept.
We THINK it has a beginning or a form or is a concept or object because we are developing knowledge about it, thinking about it, pursuing it. So, our knowledge of it is like a finger pointing to the moon but to actually experience it, you have to drop the thinking mind and be like it…BE IT, not think about it.
There is something specific about it not being born, subject to form, becoming, birth-death-rebirth, change. It is mind that is unborn, not in time-space. And the truest part of my self Is that as well. This means I also have the ability to exist outside of becoming-birth-death-reincarnation.
Emotion and reasoning as the finger pointing to the moon. I must surrender lower forms of consciousness to experience the transcendental. None of the worldly knowledge or even spiritual knowledge can take me all the way there, it has to be dropped, they are fingers pointing, they are not it.

Illusion of realms and beings
When a baby is born its eyes open and the parents seem like gods. When you grow, you realize they are mortal individuals with limited understanding and stature compared to the world, but they seem all powerful, all knowing, all providing at first glance.
This knowledge of TTOA makes me see that any realm and any being I can encounter in any realm is not the ultimate. And you can be tricked about that. Parents can be positive or negative or mixed personalities, but to the newborn child eyes this can’t be discerned. Same is true for any amazing being you encounter in any realms you experience.
The knowledge of the true name is the answer to this issue. It doesn’t mean powerful beings aren’t worthy of respect, parents can be limited people and still be worthy of love and loyalty, but it doesn’t mean you regard them as your god or the truth. You grow up and realize higher things and the relationship changes….we could encounter amazing beings in the astral plane as well after we die. I want my mind to be such that no where I appear I mistake any being for the truth and I want to take this knowledge of the Neter Neterty anywhere I go in any realm and around any being. Easier said than done.

A Painting that came out of reflecting on Myth of Aset and Ra

A simple description…
A. Section A is a symbol of the objective universe. It has male and female conceives within itself.) The earth, the sky, the sun and moon, black hole and galaxy, and the universe beyond forms is the top later.
B. Section B is mind beyond objects. It is just clear-light mind.
C. Section C is mind beyond time-space, without form or awareness-mind-object. Transcendental Self

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