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Bastu Baket

2022 Net Conference Assessment Part 2

1-What issues, by groups, individuals or technical, in particular sessions or overall, were less that optimal, fails, mishaps or errors that occurred during the program?

The major one was the software used, Zoom, did not allow participants to hear music/instruments being played. The second issue was the content presented by the Hmu could have been more evenly apportioned as one session for sure possibly two of them, after the content was presented had a lot of time left for questions. While questions are usually a good thing in this case these were questions to fill time and this was noticeable. Last was the Ritual which was less than optimal simply because I don’t think a Ritual can be done well virtually. The effect is different. Rituals it seems are designed to be done in person live. Difficult at best to derive the feeling associated with rituals virtually.

2-what actions do you think could have been taken prior to the program to prevent any or all of the errors or mishaps?

For the music issues on Zoom we could have tested that out before the Conference. But given the number of Hmu who regularly use Anymeeting and Free Conference call and have no issues with music on those programs it’s understandable that we would have thought there would be no issues with Zoom either. As for a more even distribution of content to the Hmu to present this could have been recognized in advance and allowance made for it but this too was understandable given this was the first Conference where the Hmu played such a significant role in the dissemination of the teachings for the Conference. Not much can be done to make a virtual ritual better as rituals I don’t believe were designed to be virtual experiences.

3-What actions do you think should be taken going forward to prevent such issues happening in the future?

Experience sometimes is the best teacher and I think that this experience itself will resolve the issues above as now we know what to expect.