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Ab Setna

1-How do you feel the program was a benefit to you personally if at all?

2-What features of the program do you feel worked particularly well or effectively?

3-How do you think the program was received by the participants in general and do you think it was helpful to their spiritual evolution?

Udja Sebai Maa, Sba Dja, Hemu.

1, The program was definitely a benefit to my person on several levels, I think prior to the actual conference, the facilitating, the engaging of the process, the build up towards it, was all engaging and interesting. To see the seed planted watered and bloom was pleasing to experience. The conversations and interactions with the different personalities, all added up to an overall beneficial experience.
The actual program of itself, whether consciously designed that way or otherwise, had a gradual build up. Where the culmination point was our preceptors presenting the ‘caviar’. It carried an anticipatory cognizance, which lended towards the overall ambience of the conference. Moreover, having an opportunity to disseminate the teaching in this format, was overall an immersive, privileged and humbling space to be.

2. What features that worked well? From a presenter’s point of view, the overall roll out of the program lent to its effectiveness. The added feature this year of the break out rooms brought with it an intimate incentive for especially newer students. Where, they felt a bit more comfortable asking questions and contributing statements. It is of note, we (Djehuty room) didn’t have an opportunity to get to the actual prepared questions, because of questions raised from the attendees themselves, answer that followed and consequently follow up questions. So from an attendee perspective, it gave them more options for interacting and ‘feeling’ the teaching.

3. How program was received from participants? From an observer’s point of view, I would generalize and say it was received well; understanding that individuals are at differing levels of their journey, so assimilating what is being shared could be a mixed adherence. So, I did try to reach to an assorted set of attendees, was able to speak with 2 of them on a limited scale. What I got were retorts of wow, inspiring, application of what was heard.
At the conclusion of our breakout room, I noticed a question that came in the chat a bit too late for me to respond. Actually it came in the private message box, and it read “I don’t get it”. Now that individual, whom I do not have contact info for, I would definitely like to follow up with them and check in to see what part of the presentations they didn’t get. They may be more out there. Maybe in the future it can be available to attendees, that the Hemu is available for direct consultations if there is an apprehension towards speaking in a wider setting. However, I would endeavor to say that, overall it was received the way it was given, with love and appreciation.
Adorations to our preceptors, the Hemu, Conference Chairs and Committee members for a nefer experience.
Setna Nebi Ra.