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Asar Maat E

1-How do you feel the program was a benefit to you personally if at all?
The 2022 Neterian Conference Glorious Light Meditation program was of benefit to me personally as it provided opportunities to further (beyond previous independent learning and practice of the GLM) to listen to, reflect upon, and practice the meditation. These actions support creating the conditions for enlightenment that my personality seeks to facilitate in this lifetime. In recent years I began sharing the practice of GLM with my co-soul Tutaunkamun and this past summer gave a more structured introduction to him in partnership with Sehu Khepera Ankh. Then during the 2022 conference, I was able to reinforce the practice to my co-soul, which further expands creating the conditions for enlightenment within our household. These integrative steps help to normalize shedy practice as part of our mundane lives, which in turn gives my personality more opportunity for menching.

2-What features of the program do you feel worked particularly well or effectively?
Collaboration and coordination of the Clergy students and GLM Certified Facilitators to facilitate the program
Structure of the schedule 3.5 days long and ending day 1-3 by 9:30 pm in the promotion of self-care. The last evening running long with Khnum nefer was very positive as well.
The iniital presentation of previously recorded lectures by Sebai Maa and Seba Dja, then live presentations. The delay of Seba Dja’s presentation was less effective as our planning could have accounted for the preceptors to have more time. Having a planned 4th day may have helped.
The breakout sessions were effective as the participants appeared engaged. Consideration of the balance between presentation and discussion during the breakout sessions is something to consider for the future.
GLM Class sessions and separate meditation sessions were nefer.
The TSPN was effective although it could be more effective by assuring the Basu facilitators are familiar with conference protocol.
The organization and planning of the devotional singing features were effective, yet the presentations were limited in there effectiveness due to audio problems with the Zoom Platform. The sound of the drums and sistrums were repeatedly distorted in every session despite efforts to correct the problem. This was potentially a disruption to the effectiveness of the nefer devotional component of the conference.

3-How do you think the program was received by the participants in general and do you think it was helpful to their spiritual evolution?
The program appeared very well received and attendance was high throughout most sessions. The conference was intended to particularly assist attendees with the meditation aspect of their shedy. Having interaction with the clergy & GLM certified practitioners and Sebai Maa and Sebai Dja created a lot of khnum nefer.
Dua Sebai Ma Dua Seba Dja. Dua Clergy/GLM practitioners, the conference committee and to all the students who assisted in the conference.

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