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Bastu Baket


1-How do you feel the program was a benefit to you personally if at all?

First, 3-4 days of dedicated time to the Divine with no interruptions from the outside world is priceless. The amount of positive ariu derived from events like this can’t quantitatively be measured. Second, although the Ra Akhu Uaa was my exclusive meditation practice for the first 10-12 years I studied the teachings it wasn’t until the conclusion of this weekend’s conference that I felt like I really understood the myth/Uashu and understood how to do the meditation. Especially the incorporation of the visualizations. I now have a better Saa about what it means to spend time with the Divine and what that’s like.

2-What features of the program do you feel worked particularly well or effectively?

The Breakout Sessions were the hit of the Conference. In future virtual conferences as well as in person conferences this should become a staple going forward. I thought that the Conference was well organized both structurally and in how it was carried out. Structurally I thought each session was foundational and led up to the sessions that followed them leading up to the concluding Ritual and complete GLM Meditation. In short, each session was a lead up to the next session and hence flowed well. Also because of how well organized it was during the breaks I had time to reflect on the previous teaching, take a nap, eat or whatever which allowed me to be fresh for all the sessions. I also thought that the Hmu being allowed to present was a positive for everyone. Naturally the Hmu as preparation to present and the presentation itself as selfless service was a positive. Also the Rekhyt benefited from seeing the Hmu present because this allowed them to know that this could someday be them. And finally Sebai Maa and Seba Dja benefited by not having so much to do allowing them to concentrate on fewer more specific tasks.

3-How do you think the program was received by the participants in general and do you think it was helpful to their spiritual evolution?

Not sure about how the program was received by the participants other than the Breakout sessions which was well received. I’m sure the Conference was helpful to the spiritual evolution of all attendees but not sure to what extent.