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Bastu Baket

2022 NC Assessment Assignment for Clergy Students by Bastu Baket

Below are responses to Sebai Maa’s questions. HTP
1-How do you feel the program was a benefit to you personally if at all?

The Nefer presentations by all were quite valuable in bringing certain aspects of the GLM practice to the forefront. The replay of the Children’s Play made it visually pronounced. Personally, the purification through the meditation was impactful. While we have had the integral programs of the devotionals, practice the Tjef Neteru, Singing and Wisdom teachings brought forth before, the format of this Conference allowed a more relaxed feeling so participation was easier.
Much gratitude to the ancient Sage King Seti Ua and to Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for bringing forth the GLM in this lifetime for all to benefit. Dua also to the NC Chairs & Committee, in particular Asar Maat for making the conference a success. Dua also to the Clergy Students and GLM Facilitators for all the efforts in cooperation in presenting.

2-What features of the program do you feel worked particularly well or effectively?

The newest feature of the breakout rooms was a success. It did allow participants to engage freely for a more personal ambience. While we may not have gotten to the specific questions, the interactions and insights that were shared were heartfelt and sincere. One area that will need tweaking was the audio component. It worked well if there was only one speaker, but the instruments and singing audio was troublesome.

3-How do you think the program was received by the participants in general and do you think it was helpful to their spiritual evolution?

Judging by the chat comments only, as I haven’t heard from the participants personally, it appears the program was well received. The teachings and the practice of the GLM will be helpful when they apply them to their personal practice.

Much Dua!