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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 12 – Reading assignment / Aspirant Fedin

Introduction Into Egyptian Yoga. & Neterian Spirituality Workbook
Pages 169-178


Page 169
Q: Sdjm means __heeding__ the teaching.

Page 171
Q: After practicing for many years and not becoming enlightened the recourse an aspirant should take is: antet begag; kak-ab; an chen; purification; maatian actions and devotion to the Divine that will attract the Divine and provide sa-ankh, also more shedy and always shedy.

Page 173
Q: When does maturity to succeed in the teachings occur?

A: When we become anchored in the dispassionate state permanently and the personality is really purified from the fetters of set thus, we gain more spiritual strength to succeed in the teachings.

Page 175
Q: The desire for worldly attainments should be replaced with the desire for __spiritual__ attainments.

Page 177
Q: Those who want to practice salad bar __spirituality__ or seek the advice of oracles or create their own independent classes should do so on their own.

Q: How should an aspirant think about their spiritual path when they encounter failure to meet the instructions of the teaching or they fail to execute their own desired level of practice?

A: Antet begag always; Avoid negative feelings and thoughts about yourself (do not eat your own heart) correct the error and Selket mindset, say to yourself here we go again and let’s try again; compassion always, but without too much complaisance; Diligence to the best of your capacity with honesty and not excuses. Look back at all the obstacles you overcame; even if they are small victories, back then it was hard but you succeeded, it will encourage you. And trust in your Higher Self to continuously lead you towards the path of Truth since it is the only destination it knows. Shedy shedy shedy, and keeping the focus on the Ultimate goal which is Nehast and if you attain the goal wonderful, if not at least you have cleansed an incommensurable quantity of ariu and that it also wonderful.

I always say to myself, you do not have the necessary understanding and strength to overcome that particular issue at this time but deep inside I know it is just a matter of time that based on Truth I will know how to deal with it and that it will be a definitive solution and I intensify the shedy on that particular issue. Reflecting also helps because talking to myself like I am talking or instructing another person feels like the Higher Self encouraging this personality (myself) that does not know better. And that helps in making a demarcation between the witness inside who is not affected by all the failures and my ignorant personality. It adds feelings in the comprehension of the situation and how to solve it.

Djasu: it really helps to know the techniques or tools to clean the personality and purify the ab in kemetic terms like kak ab, antet begag, nechen, necht, sekau (sorry if I did not write them properly). Words in themselves do not change the personality but the understanding and the deeper meaning behind them can resonate intuitively with you and help in implementing the wanted changes.
I always wanted to know what is the equivalent for selfless service, not necessarily in term of direct translation but in term of meaning as I am currently struggling with it.