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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 25
Audio Part A:
How to be a successful student
This lecture provided strong instructions on what an aspirant ought to be aware of and do in order to be successful on their spiritual journey. The ones that stood out to me are as followed:
Understand that this is a special endeavor and should be treated as such. Learning these teachings transcend anything else in time and space
One must not be arrogant with knowledge because one can learn from anything. If you truly have the understanding of the teachings and apply it, being boastful or arrogant shows that it is just on an intellectual level and has not been truly understood due to this type of action still being egotistical.
One must have faith in oneself (one’s ability to learn and change gradually over time), ones teacher and the teachings. I find this to be very true because when you begin to have doubts in either of these areas, the teachings can no longer penetrate and transform. Hence the importance of finding an authentic spiritual path and teachers on that path so that ones mind does not create conflict which will cause back sliding and drifting away from the teachings.
Cultivate/Wake up ones Aspiration – this is the main drive. What should I aspire for: to have an understanding of the goals in life, to have greatness in spirit – to achieve a state of consciousness that transcends the body, problems in life, achievements, etc., to lead to something infinite.
Don’t wait for free time, make the time. Remember this is a special endeavor, one that transcend anything else in time and space, so one can not allow things such as work, family, friends to get into the way of the time made to engage in an integral shedy practice. Grant it things may happen, emergency may come up, but it should not be considered as a second thought, make up the time missed rather than seeing as an opportunity that has pasted by.
Eradicate desires
Practice Virtuousness: follow what is real, promote positive deeds and this helps with one’s purification process
Be Self-reliant and have self-effort, no matter what, push through
Have faith: know that God is with me along every step of the way.

Part B:
Concentration; must learn to concentrate to get the results desired (spiritual growth and evolution)
One must understand the principle of aspiration: what ever you aspire for you go after it, hence why the guidance given in Part A as to what to aspire for as an aspirant is so important.
The approach to the teachings is EFFORT, don’t be under the control of vices and worldly desires, they drain and squander life force energy and one will not be able to have control over the mind when in this state. Start of with an aggressive approach, and when one gets to a point of consistency and immersement in the teachings a calm will come over.
When it comes to asking questing, there is an order behind it: try to figure it out on my own first, if I can’t, then come back and ask.
Develop a rhythm of study; do something related to the teaching every single day.
How to lead self to understand the Divine and the World:
– Implement studying techniques (when studying, what are the topics that resonate with me, what wowed me, make note of them, reflect and meditate on them and what do I not understand and need to check out, also make note and seek understanding).
– Concentrate, and remove myself from distractions
– Break things down piece by piece
– Be attentive
– Be in classes in person.