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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 23
1. The Egyptian Yoga Book Series has been put together in such a fashion as to offer what?
– To offer every individual a specific discipline as well as an integrated method to practice all forms of yoga while at the same time advancing through the three stages of religion
2. How should an aspirant think about their prospects to follow an integral path of Sema Tawi- Kemetic Yoga?
– First must understand that they would have to be a pure vessel for the teachings so that it may be understood.
3. The 4 aspects of the personality are: emotion, will, action and reason
4. The Yoga of Devotional Love enhances and harnesses the emotional aspect in a human personality and directs it towards the Higher Self.
5. Integral Yoga gives you the opportunity to practice Yoga at all times. True
6. Describe the 4 main paths of yoga practice: devotion (enhances and harnesses the emotional aspect of the human personality), wisdom (enhances and harnesses the reasoning aspect of the personality), services/action (enhances and harness the movement and behavior aspect of the personality), meditation (enhances and harness the willing aspect of the human personality) and all these paths directs on towards the Higher Self.
7. The Yoga of Meditation controls the feelings directed towards the Dive. False it is the Yoga of Devotion.
8. What is on critical factor every aspirant should understand?
– How to balance the day to day reality with the teachings that are being learned.
9. The daily worship program consists of 3 worships during the day.