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Level 1 Lesson 26 Audio Assignment

Important theme: excellent students blossom to excellent teacher
– This was important to me because it added nuance that the student-teacher dynamic first begins as an aspirant. The relationship to the divine and how to properly cultivate the teachings depend on the aspirant’s will to allow themselves to propagate the disciplines and allow the mind to accept the seeds being planted in order to reach Nehast.

Important theme:

science without spirituality becomes defunct -Albert Einstein

-I liked this quote because the ancient Kemetians understood the workings of the universe and nature so well that they could create myths about the Big Bang Theory and Quantum Physics. It should show the sophistication of ancient times and how cultured they were in the form of the arts. Science is proven spirituality.

Important theme: Buddha and Akhenaten were reformers. Divine love and devotion. Buddha is the path of understanding through consciousness, more abstract, but Akhenaten used a divine symbol.
– I enjoyed this part of the audio assignment because of the reference to similarities to these ancient figures. I also notice a lot of what was said being used and still influencing spiritual groups of today, although not on an initiative path, of abstract speaking of the universe and divine that Buddha presented and the iconic usage of a sacred image being used for devotion like Akhenaten. A lot of what is ancient still survived the orthodoxal period of reformation and can be traced back.

Important theme: Study things that are important. Not speculating, lies, gossip – that fills the mind with junk. Follow truth to be able to discern the unnecessary. Media, social.
– I resonate with this statement. Keeping the mind pure of a bunch of junk allows for clearer channels to happen and greater chances of deciphering what is valuable. Keeping the mind focused on the Divine allows for greater protection when the world is full of false knowledge and hidden agendas. Since being on my spiritual path, I have better judgment and feel more comfortable with I do see something that is not in alignment with my spiritual journey, I can dissect what I see and hear without being affected by it.