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Level 1 Lesson 25 Interactive Assignment: Video Post #6241

This post was about the forms of worship in ancient Kemet and the integral path of yogic spirituality. I find it important to me re-read these type of posts because it constantly imprints what Sema Tawi & Shetaut Neter is. The post to the forum described the types of shedy practices that form an integrated approach to the Kemetic system. Each discipline can aid in the wellness of either the mind, body, or spirit; making it important to practice them all. The author of the post mentioned the scientific discovery of how people can change their personalities with new, repetitive information called ‘neoplasticity’ – the creation of new brain neurons. I thought that was a good connection to make considering the fetters of a personality and the ability to rid the self of those ailments to a more balanced psyche.
The feedback given also discussed the function of the aryu and how it can shape the ability of the self to find and choose the path of truth instead of ignorance. Not only should someone be concerned with allowing any type of new information to change their personality, but society is at a degraded point of existence, which allows other people to be the same. Each one teaches one and one following the path of truth and righteousness should use extra care when allowing outside media to influence the psyche, which in return shapes the soul’s ayru to something negative or positive in the temporal world.