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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 10 – Reading assignment / Aspirant Fedin

Introduction Into Egyptian Yoga. & Neterian Spirituality Workbook
Pages 125-140


Page 125
Q: The kemetic term ‘uaa’ means __meditation__?

It reminds me of the term ua which means one, thus meditation is a tool to discover and experience oneness.

Q: How should a spiritual aspirant think about their capacity to control “Externalized consciousness” and their ability to rise above their conditioning of the past?

A: As a spiritual aspirant, by doing my best to control my actions, my speech and my thoughts, having that Anpu vigilance will help me to prevent my consciousness to be externalized all the time without my willing. Not easy, but I am not giving up.

Critical thinking can help me to decide if I want to externalize or not. By being more silent and talking to myself (reflecting) I can easily detect when my consciousness is about to “go out”.

Using triggers also can help to catch yourself before you go on automatic mode. I have a favorite one I got from the evening daily devotional “Oh Djehuty! What is it that has come into being through the conflict of the children of Nut? “And with time when I just exclaim or think Oh Djehuty! It prevents me to go out or Set to “shoot out”, and i feel more present, choose how to react. Sometimes the situation is so overwhelming I even forget the trigger but I am not giving up.

Antet begag, an chen and doing the shedy disciplines will setup a new conditioning/dynamic that will help me like Heru to rise above my conditioning of the past. It takes time but with patience, diligence and compassion towards myself, success will eventually occur.

There is a great feeling of joy when our focus is internalized. Looking at a situation from the inside, feeling like there is someone else looking impartially at what decision you are going to take. Just observing gives a sensation of peace. It helped me a lot with the kids.

Djasu: In what extent expansion of consciousness is different from externalization/projection of consciousness?

Because sometimes one can feel a sense of oneness by projecting his/her awareness not on specific objects but to an abstract sense of unity to everything.

To expand one has to first concentrate internally on a doorway that leads to expansion?

Page 127
Q: The practice of meditation allows one to create what?
A: To create a higher awareness which affects all aspects of one’s life, but most importantly, it gives the aspirant experiential knowledge of his/her true Self.

Page 129
Q: The “normal” state of human consciousness cannot be considered as “__whole__” or complete

Page 131
Q: When you fall asleep, you “believe” that the dream world is “__real__”

Page 133
Q: Do not eat for at least __2 hours__ before meditation

Page 135
Q: When you feel anger or other negatives qualities, what should you do?
A: Recite the hekau and visualize its energy and the deity associated with it destroying the negativity within you.

Page 137
Q: As intuitional vision of your all-encompassing nature dawns in your heart, you will be able to look beyond what?
A: Beyond all the different sizes, shapes, sexes and colors of people and recognize your Higher Self as the basis of their existence.

Page 139
Q: What is the kemetic term for Devotion?
A: Ushet.