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Ptah Maut Ankh


Some of the main ideas that have stood out from the reading and the lecture.

“One who treads your path will not stumble, for I have been on earth down to this day when I attained this perfect realm, with no fault found in me. “Petasar

“Truth is only true when it is absolute. Universal truth is abiding reality.” Sebai Maa talked about other spiritual paths which have the same universal truth. It’s like a common thread running through these other paths like Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and others and in other Planets too.

“If I have a true transcendental experience, I will not refer to my given name.” This means to me that the ego vanishes during this time and my higher self is only there.

“Searching for Asar” thinking about my higher nature during day and night. The search is continually running in the background of my mind and never stopping. It comes to the foreground when I am practicing yoga, studying, reflecting, doing Ushet, doing Maat ari etc.

“Regular life is like mud which is temporary, and my spiritual life is like durable stone.” Sebai was talking about the Mud living quarters at the Temple of Asar. They were functional and served their purpose, but now are disintegrated by the passing of time. Much like our human existence which in time will cease functioning. Comparing the Mud Brick living quarters to the Stone Temple. Stone can last forever and that is the point of this comparison our spiritual life is forever.