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Aspirant Howard

Lesson 5a
Reflections and feelings from North Wall Rubric/Summary Text Verse 5
1. Reflection: The Child of that being acts as chief clergy for the lord of eternity. The clergy instructs the work of chiseling, carving, shaping, and molding of the spiritual character and this is a protection, a redemption of the soul.
From Gloss: I understand that I am the Royal Person – the heir, the child of the Divine. I embody the character and energy of Heru. I am to oversee the chiseling process and allow myself to undergo a physical and mental process that chisels my higher Self out of the rough hardened ego material. This process occurs through the study and practice of the teachings through the temple.
Feelings: ready and obligated

2. North Wall Rubric/Summary Contextual Translation and Verse 6
Heru engaged in the chiseling process to redeem his father Asar, who is Heru’s own soul. Like Heru, I am to be engaged in that chiseling process of the spiritual redemption of my soul via studying and applying what I have learned (this is all relative to the battle with Set).
I understand that my Heru nature already exists, but it must be revealed thru the chiseling process. Relative to the construction of the Royal Personality, which is my inner temple, I now know that the wisdom teaching has been carved into the Temple. The phrase Se akhu means to cause akhu, to cause a shining spirit being, or that which is enlightening. The process of the temple is all for this purpose.
Feelings: Privileged tempered with humility

3. North Wall Rubric/Summary Contextual Translation Verse 7 and gloss
It is essential to have a Divinity when parsing the distinction between awareness and consciousness. You can be awake but not enlightened (Nehas vs. Nehast). When I understand what is going on in the spiritual philosophy, then the temple and the process become alive and beloved. My existence in time and space is a load that is being borne by my deeper soul.
An means wakefulness as opposed to being alive, but unconscious. Interest in this kind of teaching only indicates partial wakefulness. It implies being attentive relative to the teachings and disciplines and watching the mind to prevent egoism from swaying conscious awareness away from divinity.
Feeling: Grateful for my current position and all that has led me here. I feel secure.

4. North Wall Rubric/Summary Text Verse 8 Contextual Translation
As to the name of that person, it is unnamed, not an ego name, but has to be a lofty noble extolled name that is to be given; a name like that of Horus, not just any Horus, but specifically, Horus the child of Isis, the goddess of intuitional wisdom who lived the example of dispassion, detachment and one pointed mediation on Ra, the Spirit….
I am to understand (and I do) that the term “beloved land” means the place where righteousness, order, and truth are upheld and where the spiritual teaching is given forth. The deeper aspect of Self, the Spirit, actually does not have a name because that aspect of the Self is transcendental and beyond names. Names can only be used to conceptualize in time and space.
The name Horus is a name for a Horus person, but the work must be done to make that achievement a realized conscious experience. All who realize their Horus nature are one with that consciousness and a monarch mastering their life.
Feeling: It is exhilarating to know that you are seeking and will find your Higher Self.
North Wall Rubric/Summary Text Verse 9 Contextual Translation
Therefore, one who becomes transformed by means of traversing this monument and the power and glory of Spirit through Maat ethical conscious and mastering the male bull and female serpent powers of Spirit, the teachings that have been chiseled out of stone in this temple complex, practicing the mystery teachings, contained in them, realizes his/her true parentage as a child of the Divine and thereby becomes a conduit of life just as a child comes and manifests the essence of the parent.
Feeling: this foreshadowing causes encouragement