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Alixa Villalobos

Initiation Temple of Asar Course
Lesson 1

Tasks to be Completed:

2.- Book reading Assignment.

After reading the assigned pages of the book, I concluded that our ancestors from Kemet had realized the purpose of life in time and space reality, perfected a religious system based on scientific knowledge that would efficiently direct the practitioner towards the fulfillment of that purpose and left that knowledge documented as legacy for future generations.

In our current corrupted and degraded culture, that has been depleted from all fulfilling meaning and purpose, one has to decide whether one wants to continue living in a delusional reality and continue the suffering or one chooses to abide to the precepts of Maat by living with righteousness, love and respect for all life and nature, realizing the hidden purpose of life -just as our ancestors lived, and be able to attain enlightenment.

3.- Personal Reflections:
3.A.- Examine the area of the temple and describe how it feels at the beginning and at the end of the lesson.

At the very beginning of the lesson as I familiarized myself with the main entrance and the second open court, it took some time for me to be able to feel completely present. As I spent more time engaging in the virtual temple, exploring the resources available, reflecting on the teachings, meditating, trying to perceive the small details of the temple elements and just visualizing myself there, I noticed a magnificent shift. Unexpectedly, some of those elements of the Temple started to come alive and became vividly present as if they were right in front of my eyes, emanating a gentle, subtle grounding and at the same time vibrant energy. It was then when I started to feel completely present in the Temple’s open court.
I noticed that with each visit my perception started to awaken and lately, it feels as if I was visiting the temple in real life.
I also noticed that with each visit to the virtual temple, my distress in regard to the extent of the damage purposely perpetrated towards the divine art present on the walls and architectural elements has diminished overtime, I’ve intentionally set the intent to open my inner senses in order to perceive what lies beyond and can not be perceived by the physical eyes.

3.B.- Describe the teachings you are receiving and how they relate to your journey.

The teachings depicted on the panel at the entranceway of the temple, speak about the Royal person (meaning oneself), being the protector and redeemer of the soul and the ruler of the nine aspects of the personality and nine natural forces of creation.

This aspect of myself that relates to the royal person is the one that aspires to follow the shedy discipline and aspires to purify all aspects of the personality. As I spend time in the second open court, cleansing and purifying myself at the ablution wells, I realize that this higher aspect of myself that is capable of attaining total dominion and rulership over the lower aspects of my personality is kindly requesting my attention and my engagement in the process of purification. As I dedicate more time and effort to practice my spiritual discipline, visualizing myself in the open court, I feel as the grounding, nourishing and healing energy of the Nile river is still flowing freely, overflowing the ablution well, that energetic water brings forth cleanliness, unclogging my inner vision from obstructions, thus allowing me to perceive with clarity the path ahead and helping me bring forth purification.

The main teachings I received while in this specific area of the temple are simple yet profound: purify, purify, purify, so you may be worthy of becoming the Royal person. Purify thyself so you may be worthy of the honor of entering into the sacred confines of the Divine – meaning that there is no room for the unpurified aspects of my personality inside the temple, and only the purified aspects of the personality are allowed to move forward into the more sacred areas of the temple. The second court of the temple is filled with the presence of water from the Nile river, making for the presence of Hapi -god of the Nile river. Water is not only a symbol of purification and an element that helps bring forth cleanliness, it also helps to reintegrate the purified parts of the personality into one by “inundating or flooding” them with Divine Essence, thus unifying them.
The entrance to the first court accentuated an open and clear space ahead, granting clarity and reassuring the importance of attaining purification in order to be able to enjoy lightness of all the aspects of the personality.

These teachings relate directly to my own journey, as my main focus in the present moment is aimed at purifying my physical body with the proper diet and at purifying my thoughts, emotions, feelings and my life from unwanted persons and circumstances that keep me engaged in the worldly level of existence. In this manner, I aspire to become the active redeemer of my soul, I aspire to become the Royal Person that has power and dominion over the gross aspects of my personality, thus allowing for the embodiment of the higher self.