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Alixa Villalobos

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I found the discussion regarding the topic of food for body, mind and soul remarkable.
The aspirant Maat Middlelton writes “We must strive for health of body, mind and soul”.

In the video lesson -Video index 56:02, Sebai Maa expounded on the topic of the four disciplines of Shedy that are to be implemented in order to help one become more subtle, then he reiterated the importance of being aware of the physical, mental and emotional diet, and do not consume heavy foods, heavy thoughts, heavy feelings and gross emotions, not being opinionated, and not having an attitude that emphasizes the ego personality, instead, one does need to consume sufficient soul food (being quiet, being with oneself, spending time in meditative state, being in a mental space where there is awareness of one’s transcendental divine aspect) in order to become more pure and subtle.