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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 5 – Reading assignment / Aspirant Fedin

Introduction Into Egyptian Yoga. & Neterian Spirituality Workbook
Pages 51-58

Page 51
Q: Many preachers use __exciting__ methods?

Page 53
Q: When life humbles the aspirant it is even more important that they should do what?

A: They should trust the Teacher who will never turn them away. A preceptor is like the sun, who witnesses the good and the bad but yet remains aloof, dispassionate but yet in touch. The aspirant should continue the shedy disciplines always, an chen, antet begag always.

How should a spiritual aspirant think and feel about humbling themselves to the teaching and their teacher?

The spiritual aspirant should approach the Teacher as well as the teaching with great humility.

The Teacher is the one who knows the way, the difficulties that you can encounter, how to face them and how to arrive safe and sound to the West.

Not in a vulgar way but the relation between a Preceptor and the spiritual aspirant should be think of as higher form of sexuality, you must empty your mind and prepare it to be impregnated by the teaching provided by the Preceptor. The preceptor plants the seeds in the well prepared and cleaned soil that is your mind, as the sun and the sky he shines and provides rain for it grow and you water them with the shedy disciplines. The Preceptor is the emitter and the aspirant the receiver.

After being sure in your most profound self that he is authentic you should give yourself to the teaching provided by that Teacher in order to get the full understanding.
Approach the Preceptor with a spirit of service.

Page 55
Q: You must attempt to never lose your __temper in the presence of the preceptor and never treat the preceptor unrighteously or with resentment __

Page 57
Q: In kamitan spirituality there is more focus on the __divinity __ as opposed to the
__personality __