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Level 1 Lesson 22 Reading Assign. Page 125-140

1. those who live in this externalized state of mind are not aware of the source of _consciousness_.

2. When your body is __motionless__ and you are thinking and feeling, you are most associated with your mind.

3. The ‘normal’ state of human consciousness cannot be considered as “_whole_” or complete.

4. Philosophically, anything that is not continuous and abiding cannot be considered as real.
Only what exists and does not change in all periods of time can be considered as ‘real’ -Sebai Maa

5. Do not eat for at least __2__ hours before meditation.

6. When you feel anger or other negative qualities, what should you do?
Recite a hekau, visualizing the deity destroying the negative thoughts.

7. As the institutional vision of your all-encompassing nature dawns in your heart, you will be able to look beyond what?
Look beyond the difference between people and recognize the higher self as the basis for their existence.

8. What is the Kemetic term for Devotion?

9. If religion and yoga are practiced at the lower levels only, what is the result?
No spiritual enlightenment but dogma & intellectualism.