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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 4 – Interaction assignment on reply #23197 by Sebai MAA / Aspirant Fedin


– A viable teacher, a viable teaching and a viable aspirant in order to have a successful and effective spiritual development.

– If you are ready to be enlightened, you are really enlightening yourself by using the tools and compassionate presentations of the Divine, the SaAnkh through the living person that you are given to meet throughout the journey of life (spiritual preceptor)

– All past lives actions have in common the experience.

So, if we can correct the feelings or the way we perceive the experience in the innermost core of ourself we correct the cause of the problem at the source? And it took me back to what Sebai said in the beginning of the video regarding the first actions to take by a spiritual aspirant, to have ethical conscious and devotional love for the Divine. This will gradually but surely purify the Ariu so that you can receive the higher teachings and eventually attain Nehast.

– It is important to understand the way of thinking of the preceptor and not just the facts, by doing so you can get keys to better understand the philosophy. But for that to happen you have first to purify the mind, to have that capacity to deconstruct and reconstruct the teachings.