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Aspirant Howard

This lesson takes me to a higher elevation. The first Open Court is strongly related to the divinity Ra (sun and fire). I am now being purified by air and by fire, the operative principles of the solar force. In this Court, I am to reflect on the nature of air and fire and their capacity to sustain life through respiration. Shu is the divinity that represents air and ether between worldly objects. I am also to reflect on the source of the life force energy in the air and ether that comes for Ra, the Creator Spirit.
Once I proceed further into the Temple, a deeper purity will be affected whereby the unconscious level of the mind will be purified from subtle impurities that are deeper obstacles to attaining spiritual enlightenment. The relevant question is concerned with the nature of the Spirit Being. The answer is in the reading of the Summary/Rubric text located on the north wall of the 1st Open Court.
At this point, however, in terms of the deeper meaning of exposure to fire and air, the emphasis is placed on the solar plexus and the will aspect of the personality. In the context of Serpent Power wisdom, the solar plexus is a nexus point for the focus of individual egoistic will. Therefore, reflection during this stage is related to the nature of the ego and the error of approaching the world egoistically. The aspirant should allow the mind to become illumined with right thinking and higher perspectives of life including the notion of being the Creator Spirit. The ideas of ego effacement and higher spiritual attainment need to be firmly seated in the personality, before moving forward. To aid in that process, the offering in the court can be of incense and exposure of the body to the touch of the solar rays, along with rhythmic breathing with the intent of interaction with Shu to cleanse subtler impurities than what was achieved in Open Court #2
To offer subjugated enemies is a maatian duty of the Royal Person to the Divine. The subsequent reciprocation from the Divine to the Royal Personality is the dominion over foreign lands. Metaphorically, the foreign land is that which is foreign to Spirt (i.e., dualistic consciousness).
The rubric text explains that the male generative energies of life will be harmonized with the dual Serpentine female energies. Then it gives insight into the Heru aspect of the Royal Person. The spiritual process of becoming a Heru is likened to a process of “chiseling”. It is a process of transforming the personality. The person who traverses this path and practices the teachings is chiseling their personality into that of a Divine Personality.
I feel obligated. Acquiring new knowledge is enhancing my confidence. During reflection and meditation, in my mind’s eye, there appears to be a triangle of the Maaty goddesses and Nebertcher at the 6th and 7th energy centers.