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Level 1 lesson 21 Reading assignment pg. 106-124

1. name the process in the practice in the Kemetic Yoga of Wisdom
1a.listening- to the wisdom teachings about creations and the nature of the self.
1b.. reflecting- on the wisdom teachings and incorporating them into daily life.
1c.meditating- on the meaning of the wisdom teaching.

2. What are the steps in practicing the Yoga of action? 2a. Learn ethics (42 precepts of Ma’at)
2b. Selfless service 2c.Devotion 2d. Meditation

3. How should a spiritual aspirant think about ego-based feelings and how does the action path affect them as an aspirant transforms through time?

The aspirant should see the ego-based feelings & actions as gross impurities & through righteous actions, the aspirant can cleanse the personality to be more divine.

4. Mental complexes will intensify rather than resolve if _dwelled_ upon constantly.

5. If you do not learn the spiritual lesson that the situation is here to teach you, what happens?
The same lesson will repeat itself.

6. By acting and moving like the gods & goddesses one can do what? Discover their character, energy & divine agency w/ one’s consciousness. Becoming one w/ the divine.

7. Yoga practice began in India. True/(false)

8. In modern times, most practitioners of Indian Hatha Yoga see it as a means to attain __physical__ health only.

9. Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulge in __recreational__ activities.
10. The stagnation of the flow of energy through the body has what effect? Grounding one’s consciousness to the physical realities instead of operating w/ lightness & subtlety.

11. The Kemetic term ‘uaa’ means __meditation__.

12. How should spiritual aspirants think about their capacity to control “externalized consciousness” and their ability to rise above their conditioning of the past?

The aspirant has the formula to control and cleanse the mind to redirect its attention from the illusionary outside world to the subtlety of the true inner self. Meditation brings awareness to the present moment & allows the aspirant to see the temporary, physical world as energy & vibrations.. its true nature.