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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 3 – Interactive assignment on reply #22777 by Sebai MAA / Aspirant Fedin


– “In the kemetic tree of life, the 5 divinities below are in the forefront operating in creation itself and compose the psyche of the human being and the 5 above may be considered as cosmic divinities in the background as a support of creation”

– “Heru Ur is a purified conglomeration of the other 4 divinities” (Asar Aset Set Nebthet), WOW!!!

So Heru Ur is the state of peace one can achieved from the TA perspective after making peace between all the children of Nut?

– “The soul which is part of spirit does not evolve, it is all and perfect in itself as a spark of the divine which it is connected to. It is the idea of ourselves as individual souls that needs to evolve”.

So Is this like Anpu or Heru leading and helping the Asar aspirant to meet Asar without name?

NB: the interactive assignments (the good association behind it) are so wonderful, every time Sebai MAA comments on something that may appear insignificant it is like a well of knowledge opens up from above and bombs start dropping WOW!!! It brings another angle or perspective to look at the same teachings.