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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 3 – Reading assignment / Aspirant Fedin
Introduction Into Egyptian Yoga. & Neterian Spirituality Workbook
Pages 23-34

Page 23
Q: Who is Shetai?

A: Shetai is the innermost reality behind everything that exists, Shetai is the hidden essence behind everything, Shetai is the unmanifested source of creation, Shetai is incomprehensible, inexplicable from the time and space standpoint with physical or astral senses, Shetai is to be discovered, experienced, and remembered as our own profound self, Shetai IS.

Page 25
Topic 1: Yoga in Ancient Egypt? The term __shedy__ is the spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution that was __used__ in Ancient Egypt.

Topic 2: What is Egyptian Yoga? The term __smai taui__ or __smai Heru-Set__ are Ancient Egyptian words which are to be translated as Egyptian Yoga

Page 27
Q: What is the path of nature and in light of that, how should a spiritual aspirant think about their spiritual path?

A: The path of nature is when without any special instruction from a religious or spiritual preceptor but through repeated incarnations, pain and suffering one can unite the individual human consciousness with the universal consciousness.

It is necessary for a spiritual aspirant to show real interest in advancing spiritually, it is to be taken seriously, not just something that you want to try out and see what comes out. A spiritual aspirant should be the one to approach the spiritual preceptor in order to have proper guidance and a better understanding of the mystic teachings to avoid the path of nature.

Page 29
Topic 4: The qualities of an aspirant? Aspirant must have the primary __interest__ in advancing spiritually.

Page 31
Q: What pushes the aspirant to become “super normal”?

A: Yoga, smai Heru-Set or the union of the lower-self and the higher-self pushes an aspirant to become “super normal”. It pushes the aspirant to rise beyond his/her current level of so-called “normal” mental conditioning to conquer anger, hatred, greed, impatience, sadness (that is Heru battling Set and eventually winning).

Page 33
Topic 5: Qualification of an aspirant? One who is ready to __be initiated__ must have a positive frame of __mind__