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Aspirant Howard

Asar 360 Lesson 2
The Initiatic Narrative speaks to the nature of the spiritual journey. The stages of evolution in the Initiatic Narrative and Path include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. The myths of Ancient Egyptian religion serve the purpose of providing guidance on the mysteries of life, the purpose of existence, and the existence of a transcendental Divine
2. Happiness and peace are only experienced in an abiding way when one merges with the Divine
3. Rituals with divine artifacts intensify the feeling and understanding of the deeper mysteries behind the myths
4. Worshipping and offering objects and my very personality to the Divine
5. Re-alignment to be in harmony with Divine cosmic forces
6. Death of the lower self-idea and adoption of the idea of a higher vision of existence
7. Establishment in the Divine essence
8. Giving birth to the Spirit Being from the depths of the unconscious
9. Any qualified person can come to stand before the Temple with expectations of being allowed entry and expectations of being able to access, assimilate and realize the teaching of the Temple
My spiritual work and meditations thus far have led me here. So, I ponder the glories of being at the threshold of the entrance to the temple. There are spiritual obstacles and challenges to face and overcome to navigate the Temple. Spiritual progress occurs as I move through the east-west axis of the temple while traversing the location of wisdom teaching located on the north-south axis of the temple as follows:
1. East to west movement towards the dissolution of Creation and the dissolution of the created illusory ego personality
2. West to east movement is a movement of Creation
3. South to North movement is a movement of spiritual transformation or spiritual evolution
4. North to south movement is a movement towards purifying foundation, gathering support, health, nourishment, and preparation for the spiritual journey ahead
In Open Court #2 the two wells form symmetry between the north and south sides of the Court and indicate a duality that has underlying nonduality. Together with Hapy, the Merty goddesses form a trinity that serves one-directional flow of the Nile (a metaphor for the flow of life force energy that sustains human life). I look forward to encountering Hapi throughout the journey.
In Open Court #1 it is pointed out via the use of holographic convergence that the Righteous Personality’s duty is to trap, imprison, and present all inimical and unrighteous forces (including vices and attributes of my lower self) to the Temple and to the Divine to clear the way for the ethical purity of the environment. The processional energy that I felt in the 1st court establishes the ethical purity and legitimacy of myself as the royal personality by bringing wayward persons and enemies of the country to the Temple and Divinity as a testament to my devotion to upholding the truth. I visualized myself as Rameses and experienced what it means to bring righteousness and what legitimizes and makes effective the visit to the temple.
The study of the colonnade Holograms emphasizes openness and clarity. Amun beckons me to enter and with an embrace, transfers energy to this royal personality. It is an infusion of power to reciprocate the spiritual work done by the Royal Personality (RP). The Divinity assists me in the journey for the rest of the way providing dual-gendered energies to be taken in by the RP. I feel stronger and assured. At this stage, the aspirant is to take in the energy and force of righteousness in order to move forward on the spiritual journey.