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Aspirant Howard

Reflecting on the mud hut area and contrasting it with the front of the Temple brought me great joy. I am introducing myself as the Asar being discussed in the myth of the Asarian resurrection and the Temple. The wisdom of purity is taught here. I should consciously review myself in body, mind and feelings to assure that I have the proper mindset and balance to proceed.
The first hieroglyphic convergence takes on the energy and force of righteousness that allows me to move forward on the spiritual journey. However, before discovering the glories of the opportunity before me I must be purified in sacred water wells in the second outer court. Water is the substratum of life that composes all of creation.
This court is a place of purification, libations, and ritual preparation for what lies beyond. I am to bring righteousness to legitimize and make effective the visit to the temple.
Here is where I meet the Neteru Hapi. The Outer Court is strongly characterized by the principle of water. With respect to the ocean of ariyu, I am to cleanse or neutralize negative ariyu and develop the positive to become a guardian of life.
One has to have at least a cursory understanding of what the journey is about in order to proceed. I want to feel devotional. Breathing with presence and consciousness allows the personality to be calm and willpower to grow. It fosters clarity of thought and righteous action. I am to control the water and calm the confluences. The relevant reflection meditation is about facing our issues from a place of strength and clarity that grows into dispassion, self-mastery, and enlightenment.