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Aspirant Howard

My true nature is the soul. The brutes force of my bodily impulses and desires have dismembered my soul consciousness. I am not satisfied with this state of being. I feel that I am about to be reassembled.
The beginning is in the interior and starts from the place where the Divinity is seated. The view from where I stand is inviting and alluring. I look forward to meeting myself in the inner shine. I am humbled and elated. I am feeling just as a Royal Personality. It is indeed an unfamiliar experience to see myself coming to myself.
The court is a place of purifications, libations, and ritual preparation for what lies ahead. I am here to consciously review myself in body, mind, and feeling. I want to feel devotional. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to Introduce and present myself.
The teaching is that God the (supreme Being) came into the primeval ocean. Out of those waters emerged a mound where God was able to sit called benben, a nexus between the primeval waters and the creation that exists in time and space. That mound is in the Holy of Holies which correlate to the mysticism level of religion and the established level of spiritual evolution.
The Temple of Asar is about understanding through feeling. It is really about UN which means Being. Being is not something you do with the mind; however, you use the mind to get to the experience of a Spiritual Being.
A hieroglyphic convergence means that if there are two images on opposite walls. If one were standing in the center visualizing these two identical images converging it would lead to a focus of thought and feeling energy of the cosmic principle talked about in the panel being studied. I experienced the processional energy and began to anticipate the journey. I appreciated the opportunity to experience Royal Personage and looked forward to meeting the various aspects of Heru.
The outer court is strongly characterized by the principle of water. At the second hieroglyphic convergence, I sensed the urge to take on the energy and force of righteousness in order to move forward. I felt righteous. I viewed this as an opportunity to deify my personality.