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Level 1 Lesson 20 Audio

Important Theme:going down the path of isfet is like a snowball effect. Picking up other negative habits until the self is out of control. Negative actions leave an impression that results in mental agitation.

– When allowing the self to partake in things that are opposite of ma’at, even just a little, open the way for more disharmony in the self. The same disharmony will bring more actions that lead the soul into ignorance. The agitation leads to action and that action creates a negative outcome. From the heated personality, it can allow the ego to self-pity or dissociate the self from being an active part of their circumstance. I also think the heated personality is reactionary to the world of time and space because instead of seeing the self as an active participant, creating the situation based on their aryu, they retaliate. Yet, feeding the subconscious mind things that help elevate the self away from khemn allows one to dissolve any negative aryu that has yet to come or undo them by giving the self-clarity about life’s situations in the temporal realm.

Important theme: The truth shouldn’t be served in order to feed the ego. Truth should always be rooted in purity.

-Truth that is used as a way of showcasing one’s knowledge in an egoic fashion or flaunting that one’s attainment is superior to someone else in a means of not actually helping them can be seen as a form of spiritual manipulation. Truth doesn’t always have to be sweet or pleasant, truth can cut like a knife to illusionary lies. But the result will always be a sound mind and a light heart. For someone else in truth’s witness, a resonance from within themselves will be in unison. Truth doesn’t abode in confusion but brings clarity. “Om Maati Maakheru”, being true of speech and pure of heart with a stable conscience allows even the toughest truths to penetrate the most stubborn of ears.

Important theme:Khnum Nefer is important for the aspirant. One mustn’t allow themselves to think they can hang out with anyone and they will be alright if they keep their minds on the divine..that’s for someone of a higher development on their yogic journey. Sages, yogis, pure of hearts other aspirants should be in the company until they feel comfortable.

– In yogic texts, it describes how the union with the Divine is literally destroyed by doing such a thing. It can bring on agitation and the ego. Instead of the associates wanting to understand the aspirants’ new journey, it’s always the aspirant reminding the associate they are still ready to hang out, doing what’s required of the group/friendship, or feeding the ego to fit in with them. Being an aspirant and practioner of the yogic science, it’s an honor and a privilege to trail the hem of the divine and to also be associated with those who are doing the same. There is no greater scent* than that of a yogi, no great substance than the nutrients of wisdom, and nothing more beautiful than the great spirit which inhabits us. Being around those who are also being divine, no greater peace or joy. (*Yogis eat plant-based and keep their bodies clean because cleanliness IS next to godliness.)

Important theme:Spiritual focus will allow one to focus on the world as well without it being fanatical (yoga all day) or puritanical (no sex at all).

-This goes back to being at an equilibrium state of being. Not overcompensating one’s practice. I can see this as being a dual point that the aspirant mustn’t fall into. While learning about the ancient practice of shetaut neter and sema tawi, it also flows naturally with the self. I don’t think yoga is so rigid that it would make someone behave in a way that is not in rhythm with the universe, their bodies, their minds, their spirits, and nature. Yoga is integral to all those parts. If one is truly pure or treading the path to nehast, their sexual urges wouldn’t feel as though they should be ashamed or rejected because the sexual energy would be stimulated and used in other ways and not go to waste. Nor would it mean binging on shedy one day only to abandon it the next. Balance is key.