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Level 1 Reading assignment Lesson 20 pg. 91-106

1. Teaching of the Aton Tradition are related to the Neter __Aton__.

2. Akhus are _enlightened_ beings.

3. The goal of the Neterian disciplines is to discover the meaning of __who am I__

4. How should a spiritual asp. Think about the diet of the initiates as espoused by the temple of Aset and is it a realistic goal to be achieved?

That was a required aspect of the temple and should not be handled irresponsibly. It’s non-negotiable. Most yogic schools require the same. The goal is realistic. To be different (from the world), do different.

5. You can have opinions about what it is like to be a __whale__ but you would never exactly know until you become one with it.

6. This state of mind renders the individual incapable of _concentration_ on significant worldly or high spiritual achievements.

7. Physical weight is like a __physical__ object which is possessed.

8. The key to advancement in any area is steady, balanced __practice__.

9. If your family members are not interested or do not understand what you are trying to do, what should you do?

Practice privately and keep interruptions to a minimum. The yogic path is personal anyways, so there is no need to pull other people into the system like orthodox religion. Keep it to yourself and let others wonder about the change they witness concerning how they conduct themselves.

10. Once you have established a schedule of the minimal time to devote to practices, what should you do?

Keep the schedule consistent.

11. One should start your Spiritual Practice with C.) Breathing

12. What is the minimum time for meditation? 5 minutes