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1. In KAmitan spirituality there is more focus on the __divinity__ as opposed to the personality of the __preceptor__.

2. The world did not come from __nothing__.

3. Where did the term “Neterianism” derive from?
Shetaut neter.

4. Those who follow the path may be referred to as __Neterians__.

5. 4 Great Truths:
Pa Neter ua ua Neberdjer m Neteru – the Neter, the Supreme Being, is one and alone and as Nebedjer manifesting everywhere and in all things in the form of Gods & Goddesses.

an-Maat swy Saui Set s-khemn – Lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality and those fetters lead to ignorance of the Divine.

s-Uashu s-Nafu n saiu Set – Devotion to the Divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set.

Ari shedy Rekh ab m Maakheru- The practice of shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself and the Divine. This is called being True of Speech.

6. What are the afflictions of Set? All things that cloud the judgment of one’s action away from the Divine. Leading the ego into the negative, darker aspects of the personality; causing destruction of maat within the self. Isfet is the outcome.

7. What is the meaning of the term “Nafu”? Freedom to breathe.

8. The four disciplines of shedy are:
Rekh shedy- wisdom
Ari shedy- righteous action
Uashu shedy- devotion
Uaa shedy- meditation

9. Great __awakening__ occurs when all of the Great Truths have been realized.