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Lesson 9 – Intro to Shetaut Neter:

There Are 4 Basic Disciplines of Shetaut Neter. As Shemsu (follower of the Neterian path), I understand that in order for me to integrate my personality in the way of the knowledge of the secret, hidden Supreme Being, and develop my personality accordingly, I know that I have to practice these 4 disciplines daily.

1) TEMPLE OF ASET represents: wisdom and intuitional realization of truth:
steps of practice which is listening, reflecting on the teaching, meditating on the teaching, which includes daily, morning, noon and evening devotional practice

2) PATH OF MAAT represents: Maat is about learning to live, to think, and to act with ethical culture; ethics and to have order in ones life, which will enable me to become balanced and at one with the universe.

3) PATH OF UASHU OR DEVOTION: while seeking the divine, a Shemsu is seeking what is beautiful. A Shemsu has to love and respect and take care of nature and all people, practice devotional rituals, righteousness and order in their life.

4) PATH OF MEDITATION-THE UA PATH: Gives instruction for posture, and for focus of attention on the mind, visualization, the words of power. These four practices called Shedy, will lead me to have a fully developed personality, which is what I seek to attain. Being raised in the military, by age 15 I had been enrolled in and attended 16 different schools, therefore, certain aspects of my personality are undeveloped.

Heru is the son of Asar and Aset, he is the epitome of the soul or the spirit joined with wisdom, when my soul/spirit joins with wisdom, then, I will become “the ruler of Egypt.” In this instance Egypt is a metaphor for the entire world, and I would say, also, in this instance, Egypt is a metaphor for Set, who is symbolic of lust, desire, Jealousy, greed, anger, low self-esteem, ego, and all other attributes of the lower self. When my soul becomes joined with wisdom I will have won the battle between my higher and lower self and will become ruler over my thoughts and actions.

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