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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 1 – Interaction assignment on reply #22888 by Sebai MAA / Aspirant Fedin
I found remarkable:
– The fact that Yoga is a technology, a tool, an instrument or a set of highly elaborated techniques that can help one to harmonize the lower and higher self and by doing so to find supreme peace HTP.

– To always take full responsibility of what has happened, is happening or will happen in your life even if it was coming from the unconscious (ariu). This will help you to be the pilot in the ship/boat. And by having Djehuty and Maat by your side you will be able to distinguish what is real and truth and separate your ego (body, emotions, opinions etc.) from your true self so that adverse situations or good ones will always find you in state of peace, of urdu hat.

– And finally, the one that stroke me the most was the fact that when you experience and feel deeply in a truthful way the meaning of a situation or a problem it helps in cleaning/correcting the negative feelings or impressions related to that. So basically, deep understanding with feeling(saah) can clean progressively the ariu. And it makes perfect sense that one of the paths to the divine is wisdom coupled with devotion if I can remember.
Hotep !