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Lesson 8: Introduction To Neterianism.

In order for a spiritual system to be affective to the practitioner, the spiritual system must have 3 concepts: 1) Myth. 2) Ritual. 3) Mysticism.

All African religions, as well as Hinduism and Native American Spiritual systems employ the 3 concepts, but, unfortunately the main 3 Western religions do not. Christianity, Orthodox Islam, and Orthodox Judaism practice the myth and ritual, with the exception of mysticism. They do not acknowledge the myth as myth, they actually believe the myth. Also, because they do not have philosophy, a way to relate the myth to their life, their religion fails them. They will not be able to attain Nehast-enlightenment.

Shetaut Neter predates all of the world religions. Shetaut Neter employs a 3 fold wisdom movement that involves the practitioner listening to the teachings and reflecting on them; practicing the teachings and studying the teachings; meditating upon the teachings and eventually having a mystical experience-Nehast.

1) Listening to (myth) the teachings.
2) Practicing the teachings (ritual) and study it.
3) Meditate upon myth and rituals and have realization (mystical experience).

As We practice the rituals, we learn the myth, which is the story of the religion.
As we practice the philosophy of the myth, the ritual reinforces the experience of the religious process.

The ritual allows the philosophy and the myth to become affective in the practitioners life. The greatest attainment is Nehast, which is being free from egoism.

If Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox Islam, and other western religions employed myth, ritual, mysticism, we would have less lunatics roaming around.