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Priest & Priestess of Ancient Egypt – pages 53 – 60, Reply 21206
Righteousness is the order of the day if a society is to prosper and survive. Proper restraints and edicts are necessary for effective maintenance of a way of life. In this section we examine in more depth the causes of the decline of the Kemet Society looking at factors that illustrate the decline of Kemet. Some of these factors are 1) the Perah and how his advisors changed, 2) The role of the clergy 3) outside influence. In the later dynasties emphasis was placed more on the military and laymen, people who were not necessarily trained in the philosophy of Maat and the mysteries of life. It is clear that the minimization of Maat was a pivotal factor in the Kemet’s decline.
In the early dynasties the majority of people who would sit on the court of judgement was clergy. In later dynasties that ratio would drastically diminish. In the Priest and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt, it stated there were only two people out of eight that were of clergy status. When people are properly trained in Maat and other spiritual science, they can give insight and proper critical thinking to a situation. When you use lay people to make legal and state judgement biases are bound to cloud one judgement. Especially, if their opportunity to sit in judgement was based on personal relationships instead of qualifications on the rules of Maat.
For example, in today’s society people have lost confidence in the supreme court due to the political influence of their appointment. While most people do not know about Maat they do know when there is favoritism and racism involved which plagues this country. Some of the worst decisions of all time have been made by the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court such as the Dred Scott decision, Korematsu v US (upholding the internment of Japanese Americans, Plessy v Ferguson (separate but equal) and Bush verses Gore. America’s court system is flawed and lacks accountability. If Egypt’s court system became anyway degraded like America’s, then its downfall was inevitable. The greatness of Egypt symbolized by harmony and peace could only be re-established by going back to the old ways of upholding Maat by using only qualified people to handle state affairs and good counsel to the Perrah.
Kemet was held in high regard due to their advanced civilization. Many flocked to Kemet for initiation and to study. Several notable Greeks such as Pythagoras studied in Kemet. It was noted by Diodorus that the Kemet civilization was first to discover writing, geometry, the study of the stars and the establishment of the best laws. Because of this advanced civilization Kemet was extremely prosperous. This interest and studying in Kemet by outsiders may have contributed to the pollution of the teachings. But the ego is a delicate thing. The Kemetian clergy and sages of old knew how to keep the desire in control through rituals, Maat and the worship of their gods. If outsiders did influence the actions, deeds and thoughts of the leaders and clergy then it must have been the egos of men that saw so much adulations, success, expansion and wealth that the Perrah could no longer control their ego, their desires. Good governance and laws became subordinate to their desires, subordinate to Maat. We know the ending. Dua Seba Maa! Dua Sebai Dja!…HTP