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I was very impressed by the reflections of the aspirant regarding the results experienced by him as a direct result of practicing chants and by the reply of Sebai Maa expounding on the power of chanting.
Aspirant DjedeHor Anpu wrote: “Everytime I started to worry about something, I would take the time to use the chants in the devotion book. The more I started chanting, the less time I thought about my worries.”
Seba Maa elaborates on the topic of Chanting as a tool to be implemented in a disciplinary manner in order to develop and channel wisdom and devotional feelings towards the divine.
The spiritual discipline of Action works synergistically, involving the Wisdom path and the Devotional path, due to the fact that chanting is a recollection and implication of the philosophy and a channel for devotional feelings towards the divinity involved in the chants. When both elements are channeled by the aspirant (devotional feeling and divine wisdom), they create a purifying effect on the mind, feelings and body of the practitioner, eventually leading him/her towards enlightenment.
Purification stops the mind from engaging in delusional thoughts related to this reality and old mental patterns and stops bubbling emotions related to feelings based in the Aryu and the unconscious mind from appearing. As the aspirant progresses in his/her spiritual discipline of developing wisdom and devotional feelings through chanting and engages in selfless action, the energy contained within the negative imprints from the past that existed in the mind and feelings, will be progressively neutralized and channeled into a positive energetic resource.

The part that impressed me the most was realizing that the Setian aspects of the lower body will ALWAYS remain within us as long as we have a physical body, this aspects are the forces that often try to compel the personality, though as one gains purification of the personality, mind and feelings and gains will, one is able to remain untouched by those forces and to further sublimate them into a positive spiritual outcome.
If one remains focused on attaining the desired goal and engages in a spiritual discipline, one will eventually be able to first, reduce the frequency and intensity of the impelling forces, until eventually they get neutralized and one is able to sublimate them into positive spiritual experiences.

I wonder if I am understanding correctly when the forces above mentioned compel and when they impel one’s personality.
My understanding is that the recurring thought patterns, worldly desires and bubbling emotions are compelling forces (forces with Setian characteristics) that live within us as part of our lower body and as cumulative energies stored in one’s Aryu; if one’s personality, mind and feelings are not purified, then one allow those forces to gain momentum and become part of oneself, subsequently becoming impelling forces, and if one succumbs to those forces by acting out such desires, by feeding undesired mental patterns and bubbling emotions, then one unifies with those forces, allowing them to create negative imprints and negative Aryu.