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Alixa Villalobos

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1
Lesson #20

Audio Assignment.
What is necessary for Success in the Spiritual Practice. Part 2.

1.) Important themes presented:

The acknowledgment that God is the doer through one’s actions and the thinker within our own thoughts is the highest spiritual awareness that one can attain, because that means becoming a conduit of the divine.

One should reflect on one’s past and present life actions and be prepared to implement changes and to be forgiving towards oneself, knowing that it is actually the personality, the aspect of oneself that makes mistakes and acts in an erroneous manner not one’s true self.

Truth should be understood as all encompassing benevolent towards all creatures at all times. Truth does not harm anyone in order for others to take advantage. One should understand that truth as perceived in the time and space realm is relative.

An aspirant should exercise good association, meaning accepting only the company of others that will help him/her remain on the spiritual path towards enlightenment and help enhance and develop the aspirant’s spiritual qualities. Associating with God is the ultimate goal.

Shedy discipline should be a daily practice and should be progressive and increase in time as one feels more comfortable. One should avoid being fanatical and being irregular in the practice.
Shedy discipline should be practiced in formal and informal manner, the latter being extremely important because it can erase the formal practice engaged during the day. One needs to apply the teachings in a practical manner and listen to the lectures on a weekly basis.
Expansion and spiritual growth is attained by constant engagement with the divine in one’s life.

2.) Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and the lecture? If so, which ones?
I am currently implementing most of the teachings, some of them still for the minimum time required; meditation with chants, reading the teachings and reflecting on them, poses of the neteru, selfless service, developing devotional love and attending weekly classes.
Though I feel that I could have already improved by keeping a regular daily practice, I have not reached that stability yet.

3.) If not, when will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

The irregularity in my daily practice is what concerns me the most, but I am working on developing will.