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Alixa Villalobos

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1
Lesson #18

Video Assignment
Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

2.) List important themes presented:

Personal Altar: Every aspirant should have a personal altar, and prostrate before it as a symbol of humility towards the Divine to begin worshiping.
Daily worship program consists of three fold worship, dawn, noon and dusk. By doing so, one is unifying with each of the three aspects of Ra: Khepri, Ra and Tem, the divinity that sustains all creation.
To begin the worship, one needs to come with a purified and clean body, thoughts and emotions; proceed to uncover the altar, which represents unveiling the divine; light the candle, which symbolizes the Ahku, the light of the divine self; light incense from Kush, which is the land of the origins, the land of all ancestors, incense represents our personality, as we burn it and purify it, it becomes our gift to the Divine, that gift is then reciprocated; pour libation, purified water, representing our continuous thoughts towards the divine -pouring the libation on the kemetian offering table represents the unification of duality, the lower self with the higher self, which allows the offering to be sanctified; offering, which could be either a food item or an astral offering, represent our gifts to the Divine.
Offering chant is spoken four times, one time for each side of creation, in that manner one is acknowledging all creation and its divine origin.

Chanting or divine singing four times the four great truths of Shetaut Neter, which represent the foundation of ancient Egyptian philosophy and if reflected upon, those four great truths contain all the teachings within the Kemetian philosophy itself.

Realms of existence: Physical realm, the realm of time and space, where one delves in human form. Astral plane, the realm that one visits unconsciously in dreams and consciously when one is meditating. Causal plane, in this plane one can experience the transcendence into Oneness with the Universal Supreme God, it is the realm where Amun exists, acting as witnessing consciousness. These realms are interconnected and intimately related in a way that they all depend on each other as support and foundation. If one ceases to exist, the whole paradigm collapses and ceases to exist as well.

3.) Explain what impressed you the most:

What impressed me the most was the process of sanctifying the offer to the divine. It is the same process that one needs to go through in order to become pure and attain Nehast, by the dissolution of dualism within oneself. The water poured on the offering table purifies and unifies the dual aspects of creation, merging them into one, it is then when the union with the divine takes place, representing when the individual has risen above dualism and attained enlightenment.