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My notes from lesson 1.

The book list can be viewed as an historical overview. As it covers the beginning of the first documented human civilization.

We might also say the only civilization. As  civilization can be defined as the process by which a society reaches an advanced stage of social and cultural development and organization. This does indeed define ancient Kemetic society.

We also learned that books can go but so far, guidance is essential to our studies, right understanding and spiritual elevation.

Yoga is the foundation for Spiritual transformation. There are three phases; myth, mysticism and ritual. Each is covered in the Egyptian Mysteries Series vol. I, II, and III.

Priests and Priestesses were the leaders in Ancient Kemetic.

Teaching of wisdom requires 100% dedication to Reflection, Listening, Studying and Meditation. 

We must be prepared to “make a way”  

For formal and informal practice
To live by the rules of MAAT
To strive for higher vs lower vibration in our, physical food, mental thoughts, etc.
We need to worship in public (Temple) and in private (at home) and pray 3 times each day

We discussed Tantra yoga & Serpent Power discipline. Tantra is connecting heaven and earth, the connection of opposites.
We discussed Soulmates and how evolving is an individual thing.  
We must give ourselves entirely to study, reflection and meditation.
We want to be happy, not do things to be happy.
Our goal is to shift from worldly values to Spiritual values. 

Books – African Proverbs for a Spiritual Focus & True Civilization.

We learned about Divine Marriage, which is truly satisfying and will lead to enlightenment versus Horizontal Marriage which leads to experiences, some virtues plus pain & sorrow, a mixed bag.

Thinking about problems with a partner may interrupt our meditation.

Our charge is to create civilization before procreating. 

Sacred sexuality deals with controlling urges into a spiritual evolution.

Comparative Mythology – how to compare various religions.

Universal principles of spiritual practices, what religion is supposed to be.

We learned about ancient Egyptian hospitals.

In our dreams we are in our “astral” space. There were teachings of sleeping in the Temple. Gods & Goddesses come to you in the Astral plane. 

I suffer from sleep apnea. I do not remember my dreams or know if I have any. This condition is extremely disappointing for me. 

Glorious Meditation!

Where is the chart of religions and when they started?