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Alixa Villalobos

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1
Lesson #18

Reading Assignment
Pages 59-68

P. 59
The world did not come from nothing, nor is it sustained by nothing.

P. 61
Where did the term Neterianism derive from?
It derives from the name Shetaut Neter.
Those who follow the path may be referred to as Neterians.

P. 63
Write out the four great truths:
I Pa Neter ua ua Neberdjer m Neteru
II an-Maat swy Saui Set s-Khemn
III s-Uashu s-Nafu n saiu Set
IIII ari Shedy Rekh ab m Maakheru

What are the different afflictions of Set?
Egoism and selfishness which include: anger, heatred, greed, lust, gluttony, envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, dishonesty, etc.

What is the meaning of the term Nafu?
Nafu: freedom – to breathe.

P. 65
The four disciplines of Shedy are:
Rekh Shedy – Wisdom, Ari Shedy – Righteous Actions and Selfless Service, Uashu (Ushet) Shedy- Devotion and Uaa Shedy – Meditation.

How should a spiritual aspirant think about their prospects to achieve “The Great Awakening”?

I think a serious aspirant should focus on dissolving the ties that impede him/her to follow a discipline of spiritual practice and on detaching from all egoistic outcomes and desires. If one is humble enough to understand that, the relevance of achieving The Great Awakening lies in the effort and consistency that one applies to the process (the practice of Shedy discipline), then such awakening may or may not happen in this lifetime, though one should realize that what matters is the work one is doing in order to attain it and to embody one’s true nature which is divine in essence.

What teachings of the Netrian Creed do you believe in currently, are working on believing, find hard to believe, why?

The judgment of the heart after death is the only area that I am currently working on understanding and assimilating, because I perceive it as a symbolic act, as an analogy rather than a factual act.
I do believe that our actions, thoughts and emotions determine our own fate for this and future lifetimes.