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SHERRI ADKINS. Kemet 101-Course: Lesson 3.
Interactions Between Kemetic Culture And Other African Cultures.

The basis of culture is survival. “individuals in different parts of the world experiencing situations, and responding according to the circumstances in order to survive.” Utilizing as best they can, what is available to them for survival. We think we are different based on culture and skin color, but, we are composed of the same molecules, electrons, protons, and neutrons, therefore, there is no difference. We only see difference because we are souls inhabiting a body, identifying with our body and thoughts. As babies, when we began to understand language, we began to form thoughts, based on the culture we were born into, which taught us, “we are only the physical body.” This concept caused the mind to be fixated on the body, thus, causing individualism. Essentially, we all come from the same culture; most cultures teach us we are our physical bodies, but, truly, we are not, but infinite spiritual beings. there is no separation, but oneness.

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