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Sherri Adkins. Kemet 101-Course: Lesson 1 (dup)

Civilization is not airplanes, cell phones, modernization. Civilization begins with human behavior, first. A civilized society involves people who behave civilly in society. Unfortunately most societies and their governments are uncivilized; the people cheat, steal, lie and commit crimes against each other; the nations are at war with each other.

Those who have ever pondered, “why is the world in the condition that it is in?” “Has the world always been this way?” Have people always behaved in such negative and destructive ways?” “Can the world be a better place?” If one has ever asked themselves these questions, as I have, they probably have done some self-evaluation, as I have, and were able to find many flaws within their own personality, as I have. When individuals are able to see their own flaws, they might ask themselves, “can I be a better person?” From that point on, they may endeavor to become a better person. On the road to becoming a better person, many turn to religion, as I did, but, unfortunately, many organized religions do not have a foundational understanding of what true religion is, and therefore, the members of the various churches remain in ignorance.

The practice of true religion involves spiritual disciplines that assist ones in learning of the knowledge of self-who they really are. The knowledge of self will lead on to peace and happiness.