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Alixa Villalobos

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1
Lesson #16

Interactive Assignment
Original Post # 6054 by Jason W
Reply post # 6315

Excerpt from author’s reflections post #6054
“…how partaking in the world of time and space and getting caught up in the illusion of worldly pursuit is what Blood-Beer-Mandrake was precisely describing and how one must become intoxicated with the mandrake (Shedy disciplines and Shetau Neter)…”

Excerpt from Sebai Maa’s response Post # 6315
“Indeed it is important to become intoxicated with the teaching and perhaps a better way to state it is IMMERSED in the teaching.”

My reflections:
The student’s post as well as the reply post from Sebai Maa gave me a better insight to a question I had in regards to the presence of the ingredients: “intoxication with worldly desires and intoxication with worldly pleasures” in the potion Setjert, given to Lady Hetheru by Lord Djehuti.

In the case of Lady Hetheru and due to the caliber of her own nature, she needed to get intoxicated with worldly desires and worldly pleasures in order to understand the unfulfillment and dissatisfaction that derives from those experiences that occur outside of oneself. The realization of that impelled her to get immersed within herself and in the teachings, once they were presented to her by Djehuti.

By reflecting on the significance of the different ingredients contained in the potion Setjert, I realized that those components are given throughout different life experiences in our time and space reality, in order for the person to retain the lessons attained with such experiences… It is indeed the intoxication (to the level that each person needs it) of worldly, mundane desires and pleasures that makes one realize the unworthiness of them, allowing one to be introduced to the real and deep meaning of life that can only be found inwards.

Dua Sebai Maa and Participant Jason W for helping me attain this insight.