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Alixa Villalobos

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Thanks to aspirant Howard Brown for such an interesting post (#22794) and again, I am impressed by his capabilities to communicate and synthesize the video and audio lectures in his written assignments. I was also wondering about the question he expressed in paragraph number 4 -being that the part that interested me the most: Amun representing the witnessing consciousness and he (the author of the post) wonders if that could be considered as one being aware of being aware?.
The response from Sebai Maa, on post # 23184, video index 24:30 was deep and enlightening. He referred the aspirant to watch the series of video lectures about Neberdjer including a Neberdjer meditation that had been given in the past, and I realized that it would be extremely interesting to me to be introduced to that meditation as well.

After listening to Sebai Maa’s response to the inquiry above mentioned, I was left with two questions that follow below.

Amun as the witnessing consciousness expressed in two different planes of existence, one related to witnessing the objects of creation (which is external, implying that witnessing is an act), and the other related to witnessing the essence of oneself (which is internal, implying that witnessing is a state of being), the latter meaning witnessing the divine universal consciousness, which also implies becoming one with the Supreme God.

When or if, creation -represented by Ptah, ceases to exist, Amun can no longer witness nor have awareness of external objects, by consequence, Amun could only bear witness to the divine essence of oneself, which is the universal consciousness. In that scenario, oneself and Amun dissolve into Neberdjer, becoming one with Neberdjer, and the only plane of existence of Amun would be the causal plane, where pure consciousness exists.
Question: In that scenario, is the existence of Amun associated within the context of creation? Meaning that if creation ceases to exist, Amun ceases to exist as well, since dissolving or becoming one with the creator is in a way becoming extinct (going back to our own origins). In that regard, is Amun also part of the creation?
… And, would that be the same scenario for Ra? Meaning that the mind can only interact with an existing and “tangible” creation (seeing thoughts as tangible objects, since they are some sort of matter and energy)? When there is no object to interact with, what happens to the mind?

Dua aspirant Howard Brown for your essay and dua Sebai Maa for your teachings. Both are deeply appreciated.