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Alixa Villalobos

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1
Lesson #15

Video Assignment
Intro to SN short part 3b.mp4

2.- List Important themes discussed:

– The recognition from some eastern and Indian scholars and gurus, of the Kemetic origins of Indian Hatha Yoga and the proper documentation of such acknowledgment.

– Set as a Divinity, having a main patron, Seti. The possible origin of his negative connotation was due to the Hyksos invading ancient Egypt and adopting Set as a divinity, as their patron God. Subsequently, people started to associate Set with foreign invasive forces trying to take control over Kemet. But in reality, all the natural aspects of the lower body (physical body) relate to Set, therefore Set should not be seen as an evil character, instead, he should be perceived as the Divinity that presides over the aspects of the lower body and personality, which exist as tools for us to be able to navigate the world.

– Trinity of Neberdjer: Amun, Ra and Ptah. Amun represents witnessing consciousness, the universal consciousness. Ra is the mind, the interacting mind between the universal consciousness and time-space realm and Ptah represents the physical realm -Creation.

– Djehuti represents the cognitive aspect of the mind. The intellectual mind -writing and reading skills, knowledge of different theories, etc.

– The different states of the mind: Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious and how they veil our perception of Neberdjer. One can visit the astral plane either consciously or unconsciously, the latter is by dreaming while asleep. Most people perceive this physical reality as the truth -an enlightened being perceives this physical reality as a dream.

– The existence of basic and advanced meditation techniques within Shetaut Neter, for both levels of practitioners, being the advanced techniques reserved for ministers, priests and priestesses of Shetaut Neter. Those advanced techniques are designed to work with the different energetic centers of the practitioner and propel the follower to a conscious awakening.

– Some people do not take the practice of Shetaut Neter and Smai Tawi seriously enough to commit to these teachings only, they mix elements of this religion with other practices and that dilutes the overall effects of the person’s practice, negatively impacting his/her spiritual life’s progress.

– Modern groups that take symbols and icons from ancient Egyptian culture and philosophy.

– The legitimacy of Shetatu Neter as philosophy lies in its ancient origin and that has been proven as a philosophy of enlightenment for thousands of years.

– Seekers that come to this philosophy with a genuine intent of knowing and understanding the truth can make use of the teachings in order to attain Nehast.

– Mysticism is about one growing into the awakening of the all encompassing divinity.

3.- The theme that impressed me the most was about the purpose of modern groups that take iconography and symbolism originally found in ancient Egypt to dissuade or outwit people and to elevate themselves as a religion or philosophy when in reality their structure does not allow their followers or practitioners to evolve in their spiritual path due to the lack of mysticism in their practices.
In modern times, groups and organizations that use symbols and icons related to Kemet and Greece (the latter developed after having contact with the kemetic culture) are perceived as groups associated with ancient knowledge and teachings, and as groups or organizations that are in pursuit and possession of the truth (the all encompassing absolute truth). And by deceiving people, they establish themselves as ruling entities pretending to have altruistic agendas, when in reality they lack both knowledge of the truth (and how to attain it) and agendas that benefit humans, nature and the planet.