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Jasmine Barber

EM Level 1 – Lesson 14wt Video Assignment: Intro to SN short part 2b.mp4
Important Themes

Glorious light meditation is inscribed in the tomb of an ancient king. Anpu is the son of Asar and Nebhet. Djehuti represents the mind. Goddess Meskenet has her head on a birthing stone. In ancient times women used to have babies by squatting. Meskenet is the goddess that determines where a person will be reincarnated. A heart heavier than the feather of Maat will have a soul that is reincarnated. A heart that is light as a feather of Maat will serve Asar in his house. A heart that is lighter than the feather of Maat will transcend and become one in the Astral plane. Maat is about being righteous for the sake of discovering a cosmic property, a cosmic relationship between you and the universe.

The Sema Tawi system is a mythological workout. In this discipline, you will learn how to reason. The preceptor is a trouble-shooter and has insight into what is really going on in the world. As an aspirant, you learn from your preceptor how to think about things and how to feel about things. Egoism and self-willed nature are not a part of the preceptor-aspirant relationship. It is important to have an integral spiritual practice to develop a balanced personality. Ancient Kemet left us a glorious legacy.

What Impressed Me the Most
I am interested in learning more about the Glorious Light Meditation. I in particular like the imagery of a circle with a dot and visualizing that I am in the circle.
Intuitional wisdom comes through a purified intellect that is developed through listening to the teachings, reflecting on the teachings, and meditating on the teachings. This is helpful to me in my spiritual journey of knowing myself. A lot of mainstream therapy practices talk about “going with your gut” and “following your intuition”. Growing up, my personality has looked a lot to others for guidance and direction which has led to some negative experiences (which in the long-run turned into positive learning experiences). In the past couple of years, I have thus been attracted to intuition-building practices as protection from getting guidance for my life outside of myself that is not good for me. It is comforting to know that this teaching is a system that empowers me to make Maatian choices in my daily life and the more I listen, reflect, and meditate, my “gut” will be purified, and I will have the “aha” moments that will keep me on a good path.