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Alixa Villalobos

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1
Lesson # 13

Video Assignment
Video: Intro to SN short part 1b.mp4

By Alixa Villalobos

2) Important themes presented:

– Modern cultures (mostly western culture) tend to denigrate and ridicule aspects of other cultures that are not understood to them (the westerners), that has been the case with ancient Egyptian culture since early Christians took over the Kemetian empire.

– Ancient Egyptian philosophy is considered elevated due to the spiritual nature of the scriptures, artifacts, art pieces and architecture associated with them, which depict their traditions, beliefs and culture, based on the awareness of One Divine, Universal God.

– Scientific evidence places the existence of the sphinxes between 10,000 B.C to 7,000 B.C. and that accounts as the first physical evidence of the existence of an advanced ancient African civilization by that time. Further archeological findings have proven similarities and cultural correlations between ancient Egyptians and Indians, Yoruba people in Africa and the Congo.

– In Neterian culture, the identity of people is expressed by the headdress and clothing.

– Founder of Neterianism, The First Neter-Lord Khepri, the emergence of the Neteru and the myth of Creation.

– Shetaut Neter, being the name of the ancient Egyptian religion, meaning “Hidden Divinity”. The teaching of it is about discovering the hidden Divinity.

– Neterians are the Shemsu, the followers of Sheatut Neter. Aspirants that think, feel, and act like the divinity, eventually become lighter and enlightened, becoming One with the Divinity.

– Neter is the supreme, all encompassing divinity. Neter emanates creative cosmic forces of the universe, those cosmic forces are represented by the Gods and Goddesses, the Neteru. The Neteru is the avenue for us to discover Neter. When we study and understand the Neteru, and realize the cosmic powers that are within us as divine entities, and consolidate those powers, we’d discover the supreme Divinity, Neter.

– Ignorance of humanity is what leads to anger, hate, exploitation and destruction of Nature.

– The Neteru was represented in Zoomorphic, Anthropomorphic and/or Composite (containing elements of the previous two) forms.

– The purpose of Life… to attain enlightenment. Since no one can remain on earth eternally, one should use all the resources and time available to us to attain a lighter state of being.

-There is no purpose in holding on to a degraded life. Neither to material possessions that eventually will bring frustration, anger, sadness to us.

– Three stages of Religion: Myth (stories, teachings). Rituals (ceremonies). Mysticism (transcendental experiences). The most important myth of Shetaut Neter is the story of Asar, Aset and Heru (The resurrection myth of Asar).

– A fascinating aspect of Neterianism is the existence of temples honoring important divinities of the myths. The walls inside the temples are covered with images and scriptures (hieroglyphs) depicting different scenes from the myths and different aspects of the divinities.
Visiting the temples reinforces the understanding of the teachings of the myth. As one enters the temple, and re-enacts the teachings imparted on the walls, thinking, feeling and experiencing the scenes of the myth, one becomes lighter, as the qualities of the Neteru are revived within the person.

– Attaining Nehast is the ultimate goal of Neterian culture. Which means attaining spiritual awakening or spiritual resurrection.

– Scriptures of Shetaut Neter:
– Myth teachings: talk about myth, stories and Neteru.
– Wisdom teachings: scriptures about wisdom, Aryu and Maatian declarations.
– Mystic teachings: Prt-m-Heru teachings.

– Four truths of Shetaut Neter.

– Different traditions of ancient Egypt:
– Memphite tradition
– Asarian tradition
– The path of the Goddesses
– Theban theology
– Anunian Theology

– In Neterian culture there is no differentiation between gender. Male and female gods and goddesses have the same importance and relevance within the religion.

– The concept of Sema Tawi and Sema Heru-Set, union of the opposites of life. Concept of Egyptian Yoga, union of the lower and upper Egypt, union of the lower and higher selves.

– Shedy disciplines:
– Enlightening the heart, feelings by developing divine love, worshiping.
– Enlightening the mind and reason by purifying the mind with wisdom teachings.
– Enlightening actions, by acting according to Maat precepts.
– Developing will, by meditating.

– The Kemetic Diet: teaches us about the importance of health culture and purifying our body in order to be able to attain enlightenment.

– The discipline of practicing the postures of the gods and goddesses, which brings physical health, methodological wisdom to the aspirant and helps in the cultivation of cosmic forces.

– Worship program is to be done daily; Morning/Dawn, Noon and Evening/Dusk, following the three manifestations of Ra (Khepri, Harakti, Tem)

3) What impressed me the most in this presentation: (Video Index 29:00)

By practicing integral shedy and realizing the cosmic powers that are within us as divine entities, and by integrating those powers within the personality, we discover the supreme Divinity, Neter.
The fact that we, as humans, can develop gods/goddesses like qualities, such as cosmic forces, is indeed relevant. It means that we truly become part of the Neteru in a cyclical process that reciprocates to us. As we express our Divine Love towards the Neteru and Neter, and practice the yoga poses of the Neteru, as a way of humbleness and adoration to the Divine, we receive Divine Love and Cosmic Power in return, which are divine qualities embedded in the Neteru and emanating from the Neteru and Neter towards us, the knowledge of this true is indeed empowering.

As we purify the mind, feelings, actions and our physical body, the embodiment of more Divine energy and cosmic forces becomes possible, allowing us to become more enlightened, loving and powerful.