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Alixa Villalobos

Kemet 101
Lesson # 12
By Alixa Villalobos

Insights Into Integral Shedy
By Seba Dja

A) Themes discussed:

– 2014 Winter Solstice Her Arat (Goddess Festival)
– Humans tend to forget their true nature when they are interacting in the world, but at the same time, the world is a place for Humans to be reminded of their inner aspiration of attaining nehast.

– Integral shedy (Wholistic Yoga) and its Four main disciplines are designed to purify all four aspects of human personality:
– Listening to the teachings/Wisdom purifies Mind/Reason
– Devotional Love purifies Emotions/Feelings
– Meditation purifies Will
– Maat Ari/Selfless Service purifies Action

– Human essential nature is Divine. We are the Divine Self.

– For this lecture, the metaphor of the blue Sky is used to represent the Higher Self, which is One with Goddess Nut. The blue sky represents the expansive higher nature, the true essence of humans.

– Difference between abiding happiness and worldly pleasures. Examples of adverse times and prosperous times in our lives.

– Purpose of suffering and pain is to lead humans to reflection, which leads to the understanding of our divine essence , and that is the first duty of humankind.

– Three paths of adversity depending on how it affects the personality:
– Person can become softer, more compassionate, more spiritual.
– Person’s ego can become harder, more egoistic and self centered (tyrant-victim).
– Person’s ego can become numb and try to disengage from the world (by consuming toxic substances).

– Integral shedy allows the aspirant to accept adversity and prosperity as facts of life and discover what lies beneath them. Adversity pushes us to reflect on how to improve, apply the teachings to our daily life and prosperity pushes us to reflect, appreciate and intensify shedy.

– Ego and egoistic mind cloud our perception of the true self. Through purification of the mind, we regain that perception of Oneness with the Divine.

– Three types of egoistic state of mind: Dull (umet-ab), Agitated (neshsh) , Agitated-Lucid (beq neshsh).

– Aspirant should develop virtues of mind and action in order to purify the personality (state of complete lucidity=Beq), to become bright to see and ego-less.

– If an aspirant’s mind is in a state of dullness, or in a state of dullness tending to agitation, or in a state of agitation, it becomes difficult to control the thoughts. But once the aspirant enters into a state of agitated lucidity, by practicing shedy through chanting, praying, meditating, then the aspirant opens up a potential to control the thoughts and attain lucidity.

– Shedy practice allows the aspirant’s dull energy, trapped in wrong thinking and wrong feelings, to be freed up and that makes the aspirant feel urgency to take action, to change the world, but one should become the change that one desires to see in the world. Attaining nehast is a way to change the world.

– Shedy disciplines purify each of four states of mind:
– Selfless service and meditation purify dull state/Action
– Devotion purifies dullness-agitated state/Emotion
– Meditation and devotion purify agitated state/Will
– Wisdom purifies agitated-lucid state/Reason

– Integral Shedy discipline helps the body naturally produce neurotransmitters that ease mental and emotional distress. It helps with dependency and addiction.

– Meditation: Affirming Nuk Nut! and Detaching from the clouds

– Set/Ego is an amorphous entity that has no origin nor destination, his only purpose is to be a servant of spirit/higher self. Egoism is caused by ignorance and darkness of consciousness.

B) Most Important Theme:

To me, the most important topic discussed is how by practicing Integral Shedy, an aspirant can learn how to navigate the difficult/adverse times of life without being mentally or emotionally dragged into states of anxiety, depression, fear or hate. Also, how to navigate the prosperous times of life with an appreciative, reflective state of mind and devotional feelings, instead of having self centered, egoistic mindset and emotions that focus on temporal achievements that relate to time and space.
In other words, practicing Integral Shedy allows the aspirant to transcend the temporary character of adversity and prosperity of life, allowing him/her to graciously move freely and blissfully within the flow of a higher consciousness, feeling the Oneness of all creation and finding abiding happiness.