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Alixa Villalobos

Lesson #10
Video 1
Corrections to my previous post, regarding part B), the most important theme discussed:

After attending the Netrian Conference of 2022 and after listening to some of the replies that Sebai Maa had posted to other students in regard to this lesson, and specifically regarding the Potion of Blood+Beer+Mandrake, I understand now that consuming the potion as well as the potion itself, was a symbolic act in ancient Egyptian times.
For Kemetians, it was the ritual of symbolically consuming the potion that allowed them to embody the essence of Ra, the Divine, by taming the aspects of the personality that desire worldly achievements (represented by the beer), worldly pleasures (represented by blood) and allowing the soul to be filled with the souls of Ra, the energy of the Divine Creator.

And, regarding Part A), Neterian Creed. I was able to understand the last paragraph of the Neterian beliefs:

By practicing the disciplines of Shedy, I will discover the Shetaut (Mysteries) of life and become Maakheru, Pure of Heart. I will become One with God, even before death, and I will discover supreme peace, abiding happiness and fulfillment of my life’s purpose, and promote peace and harmony for the world.