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Introduction to Ancient African Civilization

“Our people originated at the base of the Mountain of the Moon, at the origin of the Nile”

Notes on important points to me

– The fact that we are all originally from one Ancestor and all humanity originates from Africa, around the areas of present-day Uganda, Kenya, Ruanda where the Nile river erupts.
– Bone discoveries genetically show that around 15000BC this Ancestor left that area.
– It therefore asserts the fact that the issue of Race is just but an illusion created by certain societies in a way to oppress others.
-Civilization, Race, and Philosophy allow a society to move forward.

HORMAKHET meaning Heru in the Horizon.
– It is monumental to Religion(Spiritual Awareness)

The most important point for me was the Fact that the African culture does not degenerate women
– There was no Patriarchal system in Africa.
-Which makes clear and explains some of the problems we have in our Societies in terms of the fight for women´s rights among other things.

-Can one live in the Kemetic Philosophy way and concurrently be a Christian?