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Video Notes
Important theme: what neterians believe, the importance of being a righteous student and having a righteous teacher. Being classified by law as a church, no affiliations to any other organizations. The divine is a peaceful bliss, uproar is forbidden.

-This was important and I felt it was noteworthy because it started the video tone what to expect while taking this course. It impressed me because it stirred a sense of duty in my heart and responsibility. Where actions become a part of how the personality is, everything can be seen as one and the same. I also, like the implications of being righteous. It’s becoming more apparent that being on the path of enlightenment isn’t about wearing a look but actually embodying the characteristics of the infinite. I liked that this is also recognized by law, which helps create a lasting foundation; being established. So far I am enjoying the materials and go hand in hand with where I am now in life. I reflect throughout my day on the peacefulness of the supreme. The indisturbance of its essence also is inside of me and I do my best to cultivate that aspect.